Close Encounter with AstrHori 18mm F8 Macro Probe lens

Now everyday we get a special lens. This is also a very specialise lens. The Astrhori 18mm F8 2X Macro Probe lens. Its a manual lens and it’s for X-mount too. 

This lens comes with a cool case. I have just unbox it and do a quick shoot to see how it actually work. It’s no different from any macro lens except, I could go as close as the front element is touching the subject. As it’s a probe lens; I able to go further and deeper into small set-up and tight spaces. F-stop is from F8 to F28. This lens is made up of 2 parts. The main lens which has a focusing and aperture ring. The second part of the lens set-up  is a long tube lens that needed to lock into the main lens. Once locked it works like any other manual lens. Except it a pretty long lens. Takes a while to get used to it. Once I am familiar; its easy peasy.

On the front end of the long tube lens; there is build in LED feature. Which could be easily powered by a power bank. This same wire also has a on/off switch. Plus intensity control. This is very useful for tiny places where it’s difficult to light. Like a very tiny confine place.  I used a fan as a prop to shoot some close up. Shooting around F11 to F20. As the brightest starts from F8, having good natural light and powerful strobe and LED is key when working with this lens. I have not tried using it as a video lens; but will share again in due time. For more details do visit

Pretty fun seeing thing up close.
A BTS for the above 2 shots.
Close up of X100V dial
You could see the probe is lite and powered by a power bank.

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