Tamron 11-20mm F2.8 ( X-mount )

When the good people from Tamron Singapore and Cles Distribution ask if I would like to give the new Tamron 11-20mm F2.8 lens a try. My answer was a resounding yes! I did a quick post on my IG @fujifanboys earlier and some Fujifanboys ask how is this lens compared with the Fujifilm XF10-24mm F4 WR?  Before we dive into it; as you would know, Tamron will never make a lens that will be in direct competition. This is what makes Tamron unique.  Just like their other zoom lens which is 17-70mm F2.8.  A very versatile focal range. 

1/1900, F5.6, @11mm
1/350, F16 @11mm
X-H2, 1/50, F2.8 @11mm + Moment Cinebloom Filter( model : https://www.instagram.com/manusiii/ )
X-H2, 1/50, F2.8 @11mm + Moment Cinebloom Filter 20% strength + AI for extension

The strength of this lens is brightness. At F2.8 it’s a good start. If you are using an older X-series camera that doesn’t have IBIS; one thing to note is this lens doesn’t have OIS. Again, generally speaking, this is not a deal breaker but of course it’s good to have. The first thing I notice is the weight of this lens. Weighting at 335 grams; its pretty light weight. 

X-H2, 1/120, F2.8 @11mm + Moment Cinebloom 20% strength
1/420, F2.8 @20mm


1/420, F2.8 @20mm
1/100, F9 @11mm ISO 640

To put it into perspective, XF8-16mm F2.8 weights 805 grams and XF10-24mm weighs 385 grams. The build quality is similar to its other sibling; 17-70mm F2.8 lens. Its has a smooth plastic texture and I am sure this help in reducing the weight of this lens. 

Perfect for selfie!
1/240, F16 @11mm
X-H2, 1/100, F2.8 @20mm
1/60, F2.8 @11mm + Cinebloom Filter

Auto focus, is quick and certain. How is it compared with my own XF10-24mm? Not the WR version. As always it’s not a scientific test. After much testing; I feel the Tamron has just a slight edge over the XF10-24mm. Not that the XF10-24mm is slow. Next, optical quality. I did 2 shots below. One at 20mm and the other at their widest point. Which is 10mm for XF10-24mm and 11mm for Tamron. Both photos is shot at F4. At the 20mm focal range; the Tamron is a tad sharper. And at the 11mm wide side; I could see this lens controls chromatic abbreviation better. As for Sunstar effect; its average.  If money and size is never an issue; the XF8-16mm F2.8 sits comfortably on the top. Period.

At USD $839 this lens is in XF10-24mm territory but it’s a F2.8 lens. The price difference is about 16%. Which is pretty close. But they are created for different segment. My conclusion, If you are using the X-series without IBIS; I would stick with XF10-24mm F4. Even though I lose a stop but I would like to have OIS. With a wider focal range and of course an aperture ring and WR are added advantage. 
If you are using X-series cameras with IBIS, I think this lens will be a good match. Provided one could live with the focal range of 11-20mm, no OIS and no WR. But it claim to have moist resistant. Which I think its fine for very light drizzle.  But hey it’s a F2.8 lens plus it’s lightweight. That alone is a winner for many. 

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X-H2, 1/45, F2.8 @11mm +Cinebloom Filter( model : https://www.instagram.com/manusiii/ )
X-H2, 1/100, F2.8 @11mm ISO 5000
1/3000 F2.8 @11mm
1/850, F8 @11mm
1/100 F5.6 @11mm
1/240, F5.6 @11mm
1/100 F5.6 @11mm
1/320 F5.6 @15.8mm
1/100 F2.8 @11mm
1/3000, F2.8 @20mm
1/1000, F2.8 @11mm
1/100, F2.8. @11mm
1/105, F2.8 @ 11mm
F2.8 @11mm
1/100, F16 @11mm
1/750 F8 @11mm
1/600, F2.8 @20mm
1/1100, F8 @11mm
1/3500, F7.1 @11mm
1/100, F5.6, @11mm
1/11000, F2.8 @11mm
1/350, F8 @11mm

Here are some comparison below.

@11mm F2.8
@20mm F2.8
Tamron 11-20mm
Left Tamron, Right Fujifilm. You could see some CA on Fujifilm. Both shot at F4.
Tamron @20mm F4
Fujifilm @20mm F4
Left Tamron, Right Fujifilm. Both at F4 @20mm (200% zoom)

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