{ Cut & and its a wrap. }

{ Lights, Camera, Action }


Guess who is coming to the studio? This Singaporean have won the prestigious Camera d’Or at
the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. He also won the illustrious 50th Golden Horse Award for Best
Feature Film and Best New Director. Yes, none other then our home boy; Director Anthony Chen.

XT1 + 56mm
XT1 + 56mm

My weapon of choice is the Fuji XT1 + my 56mm F1.2 prime lens. I have attach a Profoto ring flash
as my light source . My second camera is Canon 1DX with another Profoto + beauty dish.

So how does one direct a award winning director in a photo shoot? Stressful? Not at all; In fact
Director Chen is very friendly and warm. Art directing was a breeze, he almost knows what
I am asking for. I would proudly say the photography session is all done in 30 minutes. Cut!
its a wrap!

Shot with a beauty dish + grid

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