What is HOTTER than Tom Yum?


With the mention of the name Angie Vu Ha, may make a legion of men’s knees go weak.
A hot Vietnamese model, music producer and Angie is also name as Asia’s sexiest DJ.

The first time I met Angie was at my studio. Soft spoken, polite and a lovely model to
work with. I have contacted her and she was kind enough in her busy schedule to have
me photograph her. I have been shooting a series name Calling the Shot. Its a series of
photography work of people from all walks of life. In a funny and quirky way. From fish
monger to celebrity; mothers to MMA fighters; cancer patient to entrepreneur. So its
only a natural progression that I would love to photograph a DJ in this series. The concept
for Angie was to photograph her as a DJ and also a goddess. Below are also more shots
from the session.




IMG_0104 (1)a1

Months later I have the opportunity to photograph her at her resident. Halfway through the
shoot Angie ask my make-up artist and myself if we were hungry? Is Tom Yum instant
noodles OK; Angie asked? While she was cooking I also took the golden opportunity to
photograph her in a unlikely environment. Hot chef at work. So who is hotter; Tom Yum
or Angie Vu Ha?

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