DGR 2016

Singapore is one of the 500 cities in 90 countries where
more than 50,000 dapper riders unite for the world largest
motorcycling charity event. The Distinguished Gentleman’s
Ride. Also know as DGR. Here we see more than 300 classic
and vintage styled motorcycles riding to raise fund for prostate
cancer and suicide prevention.

The start venue is at the former Singapore Turf Club. Now
better known as The Grandstand. Even though I don’t have a
bike license and obviously don’t own a bike; that didn’t stop me
to come down and soak in this biker festivity. The local organizer;
MotorWerks. Its a cycle and surplus lifestyle store.

As a photographer this is a golden opportunity to photograph
some of the most good looking and interesting gentleman and
gentlelady. As always which camera gears to bring. Instead of just
shooting typical street photography of the bikers. I decided to also
do street photography with a make shift studio set-up with a Profoto
ring flash powered by Acute B.

For street photography set-up, X-Pro2 with a silver XF23mm F2. I
think this set-up looks so sexy. I also brought a XF10-24mm for all
the wide angle addiction fixed. For the location strobe set-up; its a
X-T2 with XF23mm F1.4.

Can you see my make-shift studio behind the photo booth?


Below are 2 sets of album that showcase street photography and also
location street style photography, where a single strobe light is used.
My concept for this series is to showcase the rider profile and details
of their bikes in two pictures. 0506



25Below are the series taken with X-Pro2 + XF23mm F2 and also XF10-24mm lens.


Lastly some selfie with X70. Something both X-T2 and X-Pro2 cannot do! LOL.


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