Photographers @ Photokina

Packing the right camera gears for Photokina is like finding the
correct outfit for the Academy Awards. Not that  I have been invited;
but I guess the stress level is pretty much the same.

My initial idea was to have everything covered; X-T2 with XF16,
XF35mm F1.4 and XF90mm. Plus X100T as a back up camera.
On the very last minute I change my mind like a wishy-washy
photographer. So the final set-up was X-Pro2 with a sliver XF23mm F2
and XF16-55mm F2.8 plus a X70 to quench my thirst for selfie.

Why this set-up? I love how X-Pro2 looks when mated with the silver
XF23mm F2. Has a very vintage look plus its weather resistant.(WR).
I think it will look gorgeous even for the Academy Awards. XF23mm
F2 is a perfect lens for street, environmental portraits and documentary

Why XF16-55mm F2.8? Not my favorite lens as I am more a sucker for prime
lens kind of photographer. But its the best option if I needed a zoom lens
with prime lens results. Plus its also WR. Perfect walk about zoom lens
ideal for anything that pops up.

This trip to Photokina I had the pleasure of having my fellow X-Photographer
along. Mindy Tan is a superb wedding and documentary photographer.
( We had pockets of free time for 4 days during Photokina,
where we will comb the street of Cologne. I told her that I will just document
her shooting her street documentary style photography. As a commercial
photographer; street photography is not my forte and therefore I will
photograph her instead of strangers from the streets which may just scream
at me for trying to photograph them.

I was amaze by her ability and charm to stop a total stranger and ask for a
quick portrait session on the street. If only I had this skill in my younger days
with girls. I asked Mindy for a shot with her X-T2. And that inspire me to take
a leap of faith and try shooting portraits of photographers with their beloved
camera at Photokina. Here is the birth of my first street portrait. All shot with
X-Pro2 + XF23mm F2. Thank you Mindy for the inspiration.


Don’t you just love that camera strap?



As mention, here are my series of Mindy at work.

This is the shot that inspire me start the Photographers @ Photokina.
Mindy’s hand with X-T2 at the entrance of Photokina.



X-Photographer reception. How cool is that?
Mindy with her exhibition in Photokina.
Attending Fujifilm Press Conference.

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