Everyday Macro, XF30mm F2.8

Here is my first impression of XF30mm F2.8 macro lens.That work out to about 45mm in Full Frame format.
I don’t own a macro lens in my stable of lenses. Actually I have never tried the original XF60mm F2.8! I did tried the XF80mm F2.8. That is a very sharp lens. Think about it, I do own a macro lens, the GF120mmF4 for GFX system. LOL

I am no expert in this field and I am just sharing some photos taken with this pretty versatile lens. I did enjoy the process. It’s fun! I could focus close up to about 1-2cm away from the subject. The size of this lens looks pretty much like a XF50mm F2 lens. But a tad smaller as the filter thread 43mm vs 46mm for XF50mm F2. Auto focus is pretty quick, quiet, and certain. All thanks to its linear motor. This lens is also weather resistant.  IQ is very good. Very sharp, no complain in this department. I only have one dislike. The design of the lens. Didn’t really fancy the look of it. Once the hood is on the lens; it does look better. Perhaps it’s just me. As always, I was given the lens with no technical information; I can’t really say much more. I will let the photos do the sales talk.

Who is this lens for? Anyone! The XF30mm is a good general purpose lens with amazing macro capability. Plus I could used it for street photography too. Not ideal as a portraits lens but who is stopping you? I think its a worthy travel lens too. So, I would say this is an everyday general purpose plus macro lens. I did enjoy this little small wonder and I think you would too.

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