F0.95 by MEIKE

As a X-Photographer, I live in my own world of Fujifilm. Sometime I do travel out to discover the world of 3rd party lenses. These days there are more and better offerings for us. The last two weeks; I had the opportunity to test out the Meike 35mm F0.95 manual lens. In all honesty; I have not tested a Meike lens before. There is always a first time. As there are no electronic connection between the camera and lens; most of shot are all shot wide open at F0.95.


Build and Design

The finishing is rather up market. Feels lux. No part of this lens feels cheap. Maybe the fonts selection could be improved. I just didn’t like the font of the “35mm; it’s just me. Definitely not a deal breaker. The focusing ring is in the middle section of the barrel with a well design groove. I think this groove makes the lens aesthetically beautiful. Turning from MFD to infinity; I would say its about a tad more than a quarter of a turn. Which is good.  Turing ring is buttery smooth. Aperture ring is on the front end of the barrel and its clickless. Filter thread is 52mm and MFD is at 0.39m


At 380g this lens is not feather weight. When mounted on the X-pro3;It’s pretty balance for me. 
OpticsWhat is the point of mounting a F0.95 lens and one can’t nail a decent shot. And the need to stop down to F2.0 to have a reasonable photo; doesn’t make any sense to me. Generally speaking this lens work pretty well at F0.95. Chromatic aberration is relatively well control. And I am pretty impress with this lens optically. According to Meike this lens is constructed of 10 elements in 7 group. Has a 13 bladed aperture diaphragm for that bokehlious results.  


USD$259. It’s not the cheapest but I think at this price point, it’s fair value to me. You are getting what you are paying. And maybe a little more. I am certain many would enjoy using this lens. Below are more photos.


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