Holidaying with X-H2 in paradise. LUX*

It’s the March school holiday in Singapore. A good opportunity for a short family holiday. This time, it’s Maldives. Our 3rd trip there.  As always one needs to pack the right amount of gears for a trip. There are many type of photographers. One camera, one lens. Some just need a zoom lens; others photographers only prime lens. For me I need to pack as much as I could. I do know  it’s really liberating to just have a small camera. A good example is Fujifilm X100V. As I will be chilling on a paradise island; I guess it’s OK to have more gears as I am not really traveling much.

Here is mine final set-up. 1 camera and 3 lenses. X-H2, XF10-24mm, XF23mm F1.4 LM WR, XF56mm F1.2 WR. For accessories; a Zhiyun Crane M3 gimbal, Godox 200AD and a PD travel tripod.  Do you think I have over pack? See below.

What a lovely tag. Getting all of us really excited.
A 5 minutes ride brings us to LUX* lounge at the seaplane terminal.

A scenic 25 minutes seaplane ride from Male brings us to LUX* South Ari Atoll. Our home for the next 5 days. We wanted to stay for 8 days unfortunately the resort is fully booked. This is my first time flying on a seaplane. I must say; I truly enjoy it. All the kiddo did too. All of us booked LUX* water villa. 3 families in all. Room 404,405 and 406. LUX* villa is amazing. 1055 square feet of simple and yet stylish luxury. I must say everyday is a challenge. Should one stay in the lovely villa or head to the resort many beautiful beaches? 

This is our seaplane. We were told this particular plane has a bigger window.
A quick snap of the Maldivian pilot. (XF23mm F1,4 LM WR)
I was seated on the 1st row and I have to take a shot of the cockpit. Love the dials, Just like X-T5.
First glimpse of the paradise island and our water villa at LUX*
The mandatory photo op.
The Tham family is looking very happy….
Key card to our water villa. 405. ( XF23mm F1,4 LM WR)
Do I have to say more?
ahhhhhh… paradise!
Water Villa at LUX*
I have a strong feeling leaving this place in 5 days time gonna be very difficult.
So far all the girls are very happy.
I think girls really know how to have more fun.
Free phone call to tell your friends that you are not going home.
It was threatening to rain. Instead we were treated to this lovely view from our water villa’s deck
Walking to Senses….
Our fav pool at LUX*, SENSES.
Senses at LUX* ( XF56mm F1.2 WR)
Pool at Senses.
Tender moment.
XF56mm F1.2 WR
Beach along Senses
I don’t take vegetables but I could have some vegetable chips.
A lovely evening glow as we head back to the water villa.
Good morning!
Hello friendly neighbours.
Morning hugs….
Beautiful morning…..
XF56mm F1.2 WR
Chef Pong, our fav man at East Market.
Breakfast time….. East Market.
Pool Villa.
Zavier, Chef Pong and Summer. Thank you for taking care of us.

After a sumptuous breakfast at East Market; it’s time for some photoshoot for their respective IG account. LOL….

@jacelyn_tay ( XF56MM F1.2 WR) @summerfaithloh
Lite with Godox AD200 Pro.
Lite with Godox AD200 Pro.
Nate and Summer
The Tham’s
Lagoon Bar
Lagoon Bar ( XF23mm F1.2 LM WR)
Thank you Chef Pong for preparing authentic Thai cuisine for us. Khob Khun.
I was in rush and made a quick order. I told Tholath I wanted ice milk tea. Couple of minutes later he brought me 2 options. A stronger and other a with more milk. He has brought LUX* hospitality to the next level.

Woke up at 6am. Jacelyn, Fanny and Luke join me for a photowalk. Brought X-H2 with XF23mm F1.4 LM WR and XF56mm F1.2 WR. Also used a Godox AD200 pro. Love the light for its power and size.

Beautiful morning light. XF23mm F1.4 LM WR
Left with Godox AD200 Pro. Right, natural light.
Everyone takes turn to be my assistant. Here Fanny holding the Godox AD200 pro.
Both photo lite with Godox AD200 Pro.
XF56mm F1.2 WR + Godox AD200 Pro.
XF56mm F1.2 WR
XF56mm F1.2 WR
All suit up for snorkelling.
Summer with Fujifilm XP-140
Shot with Fujifilm XP-140
Shot with Fujifilm XP-140
Shot with Fujifilm XP-140
love is in the sea.
with my fave 2 gals….
All ready for UNAMI Japanese restaurant
As it’s raining, we are all ready with our LUX* umbrella.
Anytime is a good time for Ice lollies.
Having fun with LUX* umbrella only to realise a shark is in front of us.

On our last night, LUX* GM, Mr John Rogers invited us to Amaa’s kitchen. We didn’t know what to expect. Friendly Miss Kamana came and fetch us on a buggy. A 5 minute ride brings us to a private Maldivian sanctuary; which is situated in the middle of the island.  This 3 hours dinner is definitely a gastromy highlight for this holiday. It not only touches on ones palette but give us a glimpse of old Maldivian way of life.    

Jacelyn with Amaa.
Tea for two?
Totally in love with this secret garden. Kamana ( in red ) sharing with us some local culture.
Local delight.
Chilling under a 200 years old tree.
our private dining area.
Audrey, part-time assistant to Amaa.
Garland for the Royalty
what a lovely evening.
time to good-bye….
Going to miss this view…..
can we stay longer?
last shot before leaving this paradise.
Thank you GM John Rogers for the amazing hospitality and your LUX* team is equally amazing.
Can I don’t go home? Please?

Yes. We will be back soon…… See you next month!

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