Fuji Fanboys : Shedding A Light Series.

It was an evening of gathering of many Fuji Fanboys and 5 Fuji Fangirls. I am so proud that we are having more girls attending our sharing session.
This evening we have four Fuji Fanboys who are all full time professional in their own field to share on their photography journey; challenges, running a business and their rewards.
Getting all ready.
Ejun and Jacob having a jamming session before the start of the sharing session.
The speakers getting their powerpoint sorted out.
Ivan Joshua Loh @fujifanboys
I am thankful to our first speaker who kindly let us have his lovely studio as our venue. Ejun Low is a portraits photographer. He shared about the business aspect, his favorite gear set-up and his passion; shooting wildlife! Which came as a shock to some. That aside; Ejun is an establish portrait photographer with a distinct style. Do check out his beautiful works at his IG @ejunlowphoto
Ejun’s showing us some of his beautiful prints.
Photographer Ejun Low ( X-T3 + XF50-140mm)
Photographer Ejun Low ( X-T2 + XF100-400 + TC x1.4)
Our second speaker is Benjamin Lim who is a photojournalist at our local Singapore
news paper. He shared with us his many different exciting assignment; both local and oversea. And also some of his award winning photos. Officially for work he need to use a canon system; and on his own; Fujifilm is his preferred choice. In his free time he loves to slow things down to a stand still and document old iconic building before they were demolished. Do follow his IG @limzerui
Benjamin sharing his assignment in Germany.
Photographer Benjamin Lim ( Canon 1DX + 70-200mm)
Photographer Benjamin Lim ( X-T2 + XC50-230mm)
Always fun with this bunch!
Next is Benny Loy, a Video Producer. He showcase many clip of his his work. From wedding, corporate and event launches. Speaking of which he just did the video for our Singapore’s GFX100 launch. His weapon of choice is either X-T3 or X-H1 mated with Fujinon MK lens. I guess the video that is close to my heart is the video he did with me for GFX50R. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icl8mLbGjig
Do also check out his IG @bennyloy and YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvu7cATzKab4Q_GKx_OVKmg
Benny Loy sharing….
Benny Loy


Our last speaker is 1.95cm tall! Tey Yong How is one early adopter into the Fujifilm system and uses it for professional work. If there is a word to describe his work; it has to be HAPPY. Happy family shot. Happy kiddo shots. It’s a lot of hard work but you could
certainly see the fruit of his labor. Do check out his IG @3littlepics
Tey Yong How. The tallest Fuji Fanboy.
Photographer Tey Yong How ( X-T3 + XF10-24mm)
Photographer Tey Yong How (X-T3 + XF56mm)
Yong How sharing what’s in his bag.
I enjoy the sharing session heaps. We ended with Q&A session. This is first of the series
but not the last for sure. I would like to thank the four speaker for sharing their hearts out and also all the Fuji Fanboys and Fangirls for making this event a heart warming and meaningful one.
Lastly do follow us at @FujiFanboys
A big thank you to all the Fuji Fangirls and Fanboys.
Supper at Katong.
Yong How and Keith.
Melvin Lim, Yong How and Ejun.

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