Street Photography Workshop. (My 1st)

           I have never consider myself worthy of conducting a street photography workshop.. My forte is in commercial and lifestyle portraits. I guess being a X-Photographer; somehow street photography is a natural progression in this journey with Fujifilm.
          As I begin to pen my notes for this workshop. The first question that pops into my mind was, what is Street Photography? I thought if I am able to answer this I could get the ball rolling. Unfortunately I was kinda stuck with question #1. Dammit. To make matter worse I have a participant that flying all the way from Taiwan to Singapore just to attend this workshop.
           I thought hard for the next few days. I have never thought so hard and seriously in my career as a photographer. Such a general question but yet I am not able to find light in it.
           I have never actually shoot street photography until I started my journey with Fujifilm. As I have mention before; there is this strange feeling and connection with these sexy Fujifilm camera ; how should put it? These camera begs and nags relentlessly at its owner to bring it out for shoots. Just like a puppy would bark at its owner for a walk outside; except these X-cameras barks at me for a photowalk. Strangely that is how I begin my journey into street photography.
            Back to the question; What is street photography? I would say it’s a lifestyle. As street photography is such a loose and extremely board term. Street photography starts when you pick up your beloved X-cameras and start shooting. I shoot professionally but when that moment stop; I start my “street photography”. It could be a moment at home or even a break during my commercial shoot. I could be shooting some behind the scene too.
              As long as one is not keeping the camera in lock and key in his or her diamond studded dry-box, waiting for that special weekend, holiday or a project to bring it out. Street photography is basically PHOTOGRAPHY! As long as you keep bringing your camera with you, life’s beautiful and colorful moments will present itself for you to document that award winning shot.
              Some may say that it’s really troublesome to bring a camera out on a daily basis. Photography is a lifestyle. Or should I rephrase it. Make photography your lifestyle. At home I will always have a camera within arms reach. When I am driving I will have a camera beside me. When I stop at a traffic light or at a carpark and the moment present itself I could just quickly fire a shot or two without moving my fat ass. One could be in the bus or train; the concept is the same.
                I was sharing with the 20 participants that I don’t advocate one shot wonders. I encourage them to start building a portfolio. Every photographer should have a portfolio. What better way to build this base on theme. Once you have a theme or two; one could start looking and building that body of work. You don’t have to travel far and wide to shoot great photos. It is not about where, when, who but how you shoot it. Below are a few series of photos base on a theme.
Theme 01 : Shit Happens

Ask wifey for a shot and shit happens. Missed focus! LOL.
Theme 02 : While waiting at the traffic in the comfort of my car.
Theme 03 : Photographers
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After the sharing session in the morning; we headed out for a photowalk at Singapore famous Marina Bay area. Here the participants try to find a title to their theme to build their folio. Here are few photos of what I have shot during the photowalk. My theme is basically Sunglasses.
Here are smore photos from the photowalk.
My biggest Fuji Fanboy; Keith Wee. There is nothing he cannot answer!
Tourist. X100F
Thank you Ivan Chen for this shot. Taking a break from the photowalk.
Glad to have 2 Leica participants for today’s workshop.
Could you see Alwin Kok photographing me from the bridge?
Effendi with his X100F.
When we run out of idea; we photograph photographers.
Lunch break.
Keith Wee, Ivan Chen and Me!
Dustin showing off his latest acquisition.
After lunch we were all back for a 3.5 hours of Capture One introduction class at Fujifilm Studio at Suntec City Mall. Here Eujin slowly peel the layers and show us the many facets of this amazing software call Capture One. Commercially its the gold standard software for all pros. I personally can’t work without it and I so happy Fujifilm could now tether via Capture One.
Eujin Goh sharing session with Capture One.
Each participant having a go with Capture One. Photographer life will never be the same again.


Eujin helping out with the tons of question from the participants.
The 2 Ivan’s having fun.
Meet the amazing participants. Took it at the end of the workshop. Keith Wee and another participants left a bit earlier.
Lastly I would to thank all the participants for making this workshop a sell-out. Looking forward in seeing all at the next. Do Follow my IG :
3 Fuji Fanboys. Ivan Wong, Ivan Loh and Ivan Chen. What are the odds of having 3 ivan’s at one workshop?

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