Fujica’s DNA

As I place the Fuji X-T1 and the classic film era Fujica ST705 side by side I can’t
help but to think; so much has evolved. Its almost 40 years that separate the two.
Yet something tells me its also similar at the same time. Just look at the size, almost
identical. They both looked really trim compared with modern DSLR; they have indeed
put on some weight. And I am not spared too!


FUJICA ST705. A fully-manual single-lens reflex camera first produced in 1977.
It uses a 42mm screw lens mount. The camera uses cloth focal-plane with a top
shutter speed of 1/1500. Which was breakthrough then as the usual was only
1/1000. Flash sync is at 1/60 and it uses center-weighted through-the-lens metering.

The biggest changes between the two cameras is of course the transition from film
to digital. And also all the technologies that is pack inside in the X-T1. Small as it
may be, X-T1 definitely punches above its weight. Not to mention the constant
firmware update that refreshes your all Fujifilm X-series cameras.


Those days we have to carefully think which type to Fujiflm to be loaded in the
camera. Color or B&W; 100 ISO or 800 ISO, Provia or Velvia? Unless you are
fortunate enough to have 2 cameras in your bag. With modern technologies;
all this is a standard feature inside the X-T1. But same old question still stays,
which film simulation should I choose?



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