FujiFanBoys 4th Annual Best of Show

The FujiFanBoys 4th Annual Best of Show is an international photo and video competition for the Fujifilm community. For 2022’s competition, we have received more than ten thousand submissions across the globe. Winners from this year competition will have their winning photo exhibited in 7 cities around the globe. Singapore, Bangkok, London, Jakarta, Dubai, Manila and Ho Chi Minh. This year, we have added more categories. Namely, GFX series, X-series, X100 series and Video. 

We have a total 25 jury for this year’s international team. They are the movers and shakers from the photographic industry. From the good people of Fujifilm Japan to X-photographers, Reviewers to Pulitzer Prize winner Ringo Chiu. Going through the thousands of submission is indeed an uphill task.  Many hours have been spend across many days debating about which are the winners selection. Even friendship among the jury are on the brink of coming to an end. Eventually we manage to stay on course professionally and hence the result.

Before we announced the results we would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsors. Fujifilm, Moment, Peak Design, Nanlite, Godox, YC Onion, EIZO, SIgma, Nitecore, Tamron, Viltrox, Fuji X Passion, TT Artisan, Weeylite, Squarehood, Boundary, Marumi, Hyperion Straps and Fotopro. 

GFX Category Winners

X-Series Category Winners

This is certainly the most competitive category at the FujiFanboys 4th Annual Best of Show. Congratulation to the 10 winners from this category.

X100- Series Category Winners

Video Category Winner


Benny Loy (@Bennyloy)


Galang  (@galangwnie)



Leo Lu (@leo.j.h.lu)



Agney Suresh (@agney_b)



KG Visuals (@ch3s3_)


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