Laowa 10mm F4

Laowa have always been a very different lens manufacturers. Today I gonna share my 1st impression of this cute little lens. Why cute? As this is a rather small lens. A pancake lens, or Laowa name it Cookie. Weighting at a mere 130 grams, this is a manual lens to start with. At this size of 25mm long, this lens offers a remarkable  109.3° angle of view. 

The best part, this lens comes in two colors. Silver and Black. I am sure it will pair well with all our X-series cameras. As for distortion, it’s not zero for sure. But I can say its has super-low distortion. Not perfect but good enough and I will let my photo showcase this. For its size as a pancake lens; I have no issue on the the sharpness of this lens. I do miss focus at time due to my inability to focus well. This lens do display vignetting. If you love this effect for street photography, this lens is perfect for you. If you don’t, like myself. We will need to correct this in post, which is not a real deal breaker considering this is such a cute little lens. Another plus point is it minimum focusing distance, 10cm. 

The Laowa 10mm F4 is a good lens for street, architecture, Landscape and everyday stuff. 

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