Fujifilm STUDIO SG

Fujifilm Studio is finally open! Its was offically opened on 10th of October.
This new swanky 1800 sq ft showroom is location on level 2 of Suntec
City. This new showroom is not just a showroom like the former at Funan
Center. This new Studio is also a repair and collection center. This is
indeed a refreshing welcome. In the past we could only send our
beloved X-series camera to Fujifilm head office which wasn’t as
convenient as the current location which is in a mall and its now open 7
days a week and till 9pm.

This new studio now also showcase the entire X-series cameras, lenses and
accessories. To those who cannot succumb to this temptation; you are now
able to purchase it on the spot. I wonder is this a safe place to visit now. If
all else fail; the XF lens loan program is still available to any X-shooter
who wanna test the lenses for a day or 2 before making the purchases.
The highlight was the unveiling of the new medium format camera from
Fujifilm; the GFX. This is the first time GFX is on display on this part of the
world. More details on GFX via this link. https://fujifanboys.com/2016/09/24/fujifilm-gfx-50s/

Fujifilm Studio now also house a studio. Yes, a photography studio. Equip with
Profoto lights and Profoto light shapers. Its gonna be a place where workshops
are going to be conducted. So stay tuned. Exciting times ahead.

Photography Studio inside Fujifilm Showroom.


X-T2 + XF90mm Picture taken in Fujifilm Studio
X-T2 + XF35mm + Profoto Ring Flash. Taken in Fujifilm Studio.



Instax lovers are not left out. There is now a dedicated corner to showcase
everything Instax. Plus there even a table where you can put your creativities
to the test. To sum it up, the new Fujifilm Studio is truly a one-stop venue for
everything Fujifilm. A must visit venue especially when you are at Suntec City Mall.


  1. I think they’re setting up one in Sunway Pyramid near Harvey Norman (the retail lot that used to be occupy by Fotokem). It’s closed off for now for renovation and is covered with big Fujifilm logo. The retail lot is kinda small so it may be a mini version of the concept.

  2. Very cool. I hope Fujifilm can carry this concept and open more stores/studios like this around the world in different countries and cities.

  3. Very cool! I hope Fujifilm can continue and carry this concept by opening other such stores/studios in other countries and cities around the world.

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