Bye Bye Rochor Centre

Rochor Centre is group of public housing buildings in Singapore. It was built in 1977
and consists of 4 colorful blocks slated to be demolished in September 2016 to
make way for the construction of a highway.

last few resident
after buying grocery from the supermarket


I have only been there once and twice some 15 years ago until recently when my
daughter’s holiday art class which with 15 minutes walk away. With 2 and half hours
to spare and what better opportunity to check out and take some picture before its
all demolish.


almost empty super market


Its feel a bit ghostly as almost all the resident have already moved out. Even
the super market is pretty empty on it stocks for obvious reason. I am just glad
that I have a opportunity to take a couple of pictures because this great dame
is forever gone.

A composite showing resident leaving.


  1. If you grow up in the 70s, chances are, you will have friends who lived in Rochor Centre. Many have fond memories whether they lived there or not. Rochor Centre will be missed by many, I’m sure.

  2. It’s all still there till today, however, not that many people apart from photographers and friends who wish to capture the last moments of this beautiful location. I enjoyed my time there and hope that my images will honour it’s presence for those who lived there and grew up there.

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