GF110mm F2 : Worth in Gold.

Dear GFX owners and owners to be. Happiness have landed in
our world. Portraits, weddings and fashion photographers are all
rejoicing, and as a commercial photographer I am not spared too.
When I first held this pre-production GF110mm F2 lens with a
serial number of 0002, I must say this is the best looking GF
lens in the GF family line up. Before I share more on it strength,
lets have some superficial content.
The GF110mm F2 is really a beautifully design lens. I love the
slightly bigger diameter at the front end of this lens. Its gives the
photographer a better grip. Its build quality is on par with the other
GF lenses. A solid feel. One have see and feel it to fully comprehend
this gorgeous looking lens.
Now into the real deal. F2! Yes, at F2 the result are stunning.
Needless to say the subject is pin sharp as we all expect when
paired with GFX. What makes it great; is how the bokeh renders
from the 9 rounded diaphragm. Just have a look at this few sample
This lens is perfect for any wedding photographers to captures those
epic romantic moment and scene. As for portraits photographers;
this lens work brilliantly in studio and on location. For fashion shoot,
Its definitely an essential piece of gear for any edgy shoot.
The GF110mm F2 is about 87mm in focal length in 135mm film format.
This lens has 14 elements in 9 group. ( 4 ED ). Just like all other
GF lens; its weather and dust resistant. Its minimum focus distant is
at a respectable 90cm.
Auto Focus is probably the fastest among the GF lenses and its dead
silent. It has a diameter of 77mm and weight 1010 grams.
The aperture ring has a C position (command dial mode) to allow
lens aperture value to be changed via the command dial on
the camera body. A locking mechanism has been added to the A (Auto)
and C positions to prevent unintended movements of the
aperture dial.
 Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 9.59.51 AM
Many photographers standing on the side line will be wondering how
will the new GF110mm F2 stack up against the older brother;
GF120mm F4 Macro with OIS.  As this 2 lenses are only “10mm” apart.
If you are a portraits photographer, wedding photographer, fashion
photographer; I would say the GF110mm is for you. There is nothing
more to say; its a portrait lens and it does a damn good job at it. Or I
would say its a miracle working lens. The result are amazing. So what
are the things the GF110mm couldn’t do that the GF120mm could.
GF110mm @ F2 at MFD
GF110mm @ F4.
GF120mm @ F4, at MFD
Only one thing, it can’t get any closer than 90cm. If you are shooting
fashion or beauty and you needed to shoot a close headshot; the
GF120mm macro will shine the brightest in this situation.
If I were to reverse the question, is there one thing the GF120mm
couldn’t do that GF110mm could. BOKEH! As we all know, at F2 the bokeh is
simply beautiful. If both lenses is set at F4, do they yield similar results?
Not really. Here are 2 pictures that are shot at F4. They look about the
same. As you zoom closer the bokeh it render is a bit different. The
bokeh “balls” are rounder on the GF 110mm. I have also added another shot
of GF110mm at F2 for comparison on how creamy the bokeh is.
If I were gunpoint, and ask to choose one lens; which lens will it be? All I
know I will be shot dead. Because if I were to choose; my answer will
be both lenses. Reason being, both lenses have their strong points and
also their disadvantages.
Here is my reason. If I were to shoot fashion or wedding; logically my first
choice would be the GF110mm F2. What if my client now wants me to do a
close up shot of of the model’s eye with her lovely lashes or even a close up
shot of the bride’s hand to show off her diamond ring? The GF110mm will
have to step back and let GF120mm takes centre stage.
As mention earlier I would be dead because I needed 2 lenses to make
my photography world rocks. If you fall under this category of photographers;
may you live to tell how awesome this 2 lenses works together as a team.
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