A Little Saturday Workshop


Today I had the privilege to conduct a basic studio lighting workshop at
Fujifilm Studio Singapore in Suntec City. We had 20 participants in a
two and a half hour workshop. I will always start asking what camera
or cameras they own. Close to half actually own two or more X-series
cameras. Wow. I only have one Nikon user to convert in this workshop.

All set for today’s strobe lighting workshop.

I started the ball rolling by sharing some of my folio taken with strobe
lighting set-up. From studio, location and outdoor setting. I will always
add one should not be intimidated by a strobe light. I always feel its a
lot easier to operate a strobe compare to a camera flash! Some may

Sharing my folio with the participants.
Using the strobe is as easy as ABC.

My first set-up was a Profoto B1 with a white beauty dish plus a grid.
Our lovely model of the day is Abby. After all participants had a go I
added a strip soft box as side light. The next lighting set up was a bit
more toward fashion. Hard light and also color gels for some color fun.

Participants get a test drive on the new GFX.
Sharing the different set-up with Profoto Light shapers. SOOC. GFX + GF50s
Another different lighting set-up.


With my lovely model Abby.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the participants and I hope I answered
all your questions on strobes. Finally I hope you had as more fun as I did
in this Saturday afternoon.

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Another busy day at Fujifilm Singapore.


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