GFX50R. R you ready?Plus GFX100

GFX50R + GF120mm
Here is a quick live update on the Fujifilm GFX100. It’s the world first 100MP mirrorless
camera. And it has IBIS! Plus 4K! All this for around USD$10,000! To make it even sweeter Capture One is finally working with Fujifilm! Woohoo!
Live from Photokina
Live from Photokina
Now back to my original blog post on the GFXR………
Both X100 and X-Pro series have always left a deep footprint for me. I am a sucker for great camera design and craftsmanship.These two cameras are not just looks without substance. It’s also imperfect at the same time. Yet not many camera manufacture could boast of producing a camera that is magical. This is something that is intangible. It’s a feeling; a wonderful one. It’s user experience is second to none. That is what I love about this cameras.
Those of you old enough will remember the movie Jerry Maguire. Starring Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger in the 1990s. That famous quote : You complete me! Yes, my X100 and X-Pro almost complete me….. Yes I need a tilt screen to make it 100% complete!
A great camera causes me shoot more. It has a magnetic powers to make me pick it up and start shooting. It will nag at me if I didn’t bring it out. I have not shoot so much in
my photography journey until I came into the wonderful world of Fujifilm. As one shoots
more inevitably, one because more aware, critical and eventually, slowly but surely gets better result with time.
Today is another milestone with the birth of a great camera. GFX50R. It’s the sexiest Medium Format camera in recent times. Great design, well made, attractively price and certainly belong to that group of cameras that will nag at you if you don’t take it out for a shoot.
DSCF5485 1
Some critics may say it’s basically a GFXS with a new body. It’s been two years since GFX 50s was launch in 2016 Photokina. two years have past and in the usual Fujifilm fashion; they listen and improve. GFX50R has better tech for sure. Not heaps but yes. Let me share what I love about this new range finder style Mirrorless Medium Format camera.
I own a GFX50s and I think; there is really nothing to compare. It’s like asking me to compare a X-T2 with X-Pro2. And I know there are many Fujifilm X-user do actually own both X-T2 and X-Pro2. I believe this is gonna happened for GFX owners to have both GFX50S and GFX50R in their dry cabinet.
They are very different and both may house the same sensor but the user experience is different. I will leave the truly technical stuff to the expert in this field to share the real differences between GFX50S and GFX50R. To me they are tools. Great photographic tool to serve it purpose. Each has its weakneses and strenght. It’s up to us the photographer to decided which tool works best for the day that challenges us ahead.


GFX50R is definitely not a love at first sight for me. After a couple of  days of testing the camera, this affection is slowly brewing. The looks grows with me. Of course X-E3 user will have no problem falling in love with GFX50R. I think the design cues could come from X-E3. Except they heard our endless cry of a a tilt screen. Every one that owns a
X100F, X-E3 and X-Pro2 dream of having a tilt screen! Hooray! Thank you for saving my old back from low angle shots!
My first assignment was to shoot a local driving legend, Ringo Chong. And for the record he is also a Fujifilm fanboy! Ringo will be racing at the Ferrari Chellage which is a support race at the 2018 Formula One Race in Singapore. Last year I brought the GFX50S for the same event. So are there any difference? How should I put it. For documentary work; I would say GFX50R is definitely a better tool for the job. For a start its lighter. The 2-way tilt screen is also great to have. Below are the documentary series and are shot using either GF23mm ,GF45mm and GF110mm F2.
ME! On the job with GFX50R. Photo by Tommy Tay.
GF110mm F2
Auto focus is fast. Let me share this video below. It’s blazing fast for a Medium Format  camera. If anyone says Medium format is slow; GFX50R is here to prove its not. Of course no one will use a medium format to nail a panning race car scene. GFXR has 425 focus point! That is a lot of AF points for a MF camera.


Price? It will be the most affordable digital medium format. At USD$4499 it may not be friendliest for everyone pocket but if you are looking for gorgeous image quality and sexy medium format camera , this set-up is second to none at this price point.
Happy family; Range finder style.
Another thing to mention; the tilt LCD screen. Finally we have a range finder style  camera from Fujifilm that has a tilt screen.It’s also a touch screen which makes it very user-friendly. As one looks through the gorgeous EVF; instead of using the joystick to move the focusing point; one could also move viathe touch screen. Just like the newer X-series.
I would say dare say GFX50R could probably be the best medium  format camera for street. The user experience is simply not medium format like. More like a regular camera. In some ways it reminds me of a Mamiya 6 and 7.
Is that all to it? No. You could used it for everything except for extreme sports and wildlife. If you still wanna do sport; maybe sport portrait. GFX50R will certainly shine!
GFX50R and X-Pro2
GFX50R + GF63mm
I also had an opportunity to bring the GFX50R for a studio shoot with the lovely super model, Colleen Francisca. It’s at this point; I tell myself that I may have found my ultimate camera.
What a great set-up.
All ready. Just have to add some colors gels.
The beautiful Colleen Francisca. GF120mm
DSCF5773 copy
Loving the details at 100%.
All pack for studio.
I believe collectors of vintage lenses will love to mount it on GFX50R. Many have done so with GFX50S. With GFX50R; the combo with certainly be, perfect. Had a late breakfast with Robby who owns a GFX50R. And he has kindly brought a couple of Leica and a Voigtlander glass. Here are some pics with the lenses on. Looks gorgeous and I also
took a shot of the Voigtlander with X-T3 as a prop.
What a sexy set-up! Unfortunately we could only shoot in 35 format due to vignetting.


Shot with a Voigtlander lens on the GFX50R
As mention earlier; I may have found my ultimate camera. As I love the range finder style camera therefore GFX50R is a dream come true. Now together with X100F and X-Pro2, I may have the ultimate set-up to meet all my shooting style. OK. when is the pre-order again? And could I have the GFX50R silver version please?
X100F, X-Pro2 and GFX50R. My Ultimate set-up.

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  1. Wow. A wonderful first review! What features do the 50S have that the 50R doesn’t? I have always considered the R a dumbed down version of the Song 🤐

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