My Most Beautiful Shot.

This is the most beautiful picture I have ever taken with a Fujifilm camera. I know our best picture is always the next. But this picture is special. As a commercial photographer I have tasted the good life when I was using a Phase One with Capture One. In fact the reason for saying farewell to Hasselbald was basically how much I enjoy using Capture One for my workflow. Like what I have always said; if you are serious about photography, Capture One is essential for your workflow.
As a Fujifilm X-photographer; when GFX arrived I was very excited about it. Naturally I said good bye to Phase One and embrace the GFX. As much as I love the 50S but something was not complete. I couldn’t tether with Capture One natively. This is a major concern with many professional. This is also a reason why many have will not jump the boat to Fujifilm.
Two years have passed and I am thankful Capture One and Fujifilm have iron out their difference and decided to work together on this. When both Keitro So and Carmen Low of Fujifilm text me from Photokina showing me a picture of Capture One is now available for Fujifilm. Wow! And Wow again. I was the happiest Fujiiflm X-photographer on that day!. Truly.
My Most Beautiful Shot. Isn’t it lovely?
This morning I took out my GFX and gave it a quick test run. Below is a video
on how fast tethering is with Capture One. It takes just about 2-3 second to
tether to my MacBook. It comes in 2 pictures files. Raw and large superfine
jpeg. In this same time it’s also write into the SD cards. As a commercial
photographer back up is super important. So for this case we have multiple
back up straight away. 2 SD cards and also in the laptop. Why raw and jpeg?
Sometime my client needed some files first. So i will just give them the jpeg
files first.
Below is an original file and the second picture is process in Capture One. This is done in a couple of mintues. Easy, fast and very stable.
DSCF1012 1

DSCF1012a 1
Lite with Broncolor Siros.
After much prayer on bended knees; Fujifilm and Capture One are now working beautifully together. And I would like to say thank you. And I am ready to take the world with this new set-up. Er; may I know when I could pre-order the GFX100?
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