Girl Power!


Xpro2 +16mm

What happens when lovely 4 female bloggers comes together?
I guess that equals to a crazy and noisy fun 1950’s inspire
pin-up shoot!


Thank you for this privilege ladies; and what better time
to shoot with the new X-Pro2 with a few awesome Fujinon
prime lenses.

Let me introduce this four ladies and its mandatory to check out their blogs.

Flora Isabelle Lim. / @floraisbelle
Jacqueline Wong. @behindthebasics
Carrie Sim. /carriesim
Last but now least; Cheryl Tay. /@cheryltaysg

Hair by Greg of SalonB
Make-up by Vera Lim / @veraveralim and also Joris /@joris_sia

DSCF1750 1
X-Pro2 + XF35mm F2/ Jacqueline Wong
X-Pro2 + XF56mm APD/ Cheryl Tay
Girl Power! X-Pro2 + XF16mm
Carrie Sim, Xpro2 +XF56mm APD/ Carrie Sim
X-Pro2 + XF56mm APD/ Flora Isabelle Lim
EmptyName 7
Serious moments…. X70
EmptyName 9
Hot! X70
EmptyName 11
Girls just know how to have fun! X70.
EmptyName 1
DSCF1715 2
X-Pro2 + 23mm


  1. are really so much the improvements on the dynamic range between xpro2 and xt1? or it is just my impression?

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