Meet Mister Ferri

I X Do U? Any fan or fuji fanboy out there? I can’t really put a finger on the
X-series camera but each one has a special feel to it. Something intangible
but at the same time you could almost explain why you love it. Its like a magnet.
The moment you keep your X-cameras inside your bag or dry cabinet; the next moment
you wanna take it out again. Its an affair. A lovely affair that causes the photographer
to wanna pick up the camera and keep on shooting. Its could be the sound of the
shutter, the retro design of all the cameras, the color it produces or maybe all.
We just don’t want to waste another minute of not shooting.

Here is a video that Keitaro So San from fujifilm first share this with me a year ago and
I thought it was hilarious but its actually quite true. here is the link

Today I wanna share such a person in our Fujifilm community. I first took notice
of his work when he draw famous person using a X-series camera. I find it very
classy, funky and cute. I don’t think Albert Einstein invented the camera but he
sure looks very chic holding the X100 camera. Next is Gandhi, the preeminent
leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Using a X-T1.
How cool is that?12313784_10200979403484792_573252974936268565_n12188206_10200983521547741_2993129572159425303_o

Recently I was pleasantly surprise when he draw a picture of me with a X-Pro1.
I am indeed humble and honor. By the way, he hit bull eyes as X-Pro1 is my
first love in the X-series range!



I contacted him and did a interview with this talented gentleman.

Tell me a bit about yourself?
My name is Ferri, I am an Indonesian. I am not a professional photographer but I love
photography. My daily camera is the Fujifilm X-E2 with XF35mm F1.4 lens. I work at
fabric store in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. Its a family business.

What do you love about your X-E2?
I choose X-E2 because of the design. I love the retro styling and I had this camera
for 2 years already. After doing research on the web; and how its able to produce
high quality images that is why and how I decided on X-E2.

What do you usually like to photograph?
I love shooting everything of my daily life, from my family to food. But I do wish that
my X-E2’s LCD has a touch screen feature.

When did you start drawing?
I love drawing since I was a kid. When I join the Fuji X group on Facebook, I had an
idea to paint famous people using Fuji X-series camera; and it just for fun in the group.
Albert Einstein with x100 was my first caricature with the Fuji x-camera.


How much time is require to draw a picture?
For one caricature it takes about 3-4 days … depend in how many person in the caricature.

When did you start painting commission work?
One year ago I received my first commission caricature order.

What are your fees for one commission drawing?
I charge Rp 500.000 ( USD$ 36 ) for one caricature, one person, color, 3508 x 4961 pixels
Rp 700.000 For couple caricature Rp 900.000 for three person in one caricature
(4961 x 7016 pixels)

If anyone is instrested in getting a drawing of yourself with your beloved X-camera by Ferri, do email Ferri at Lastly do remember to share your version with us when its completed.

Meet the artist himself. Mr Ferri.


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