H6D- Brilliant 100MP Monster.


It is said that medium format separate the boys from men in the
photography world. I guess I must be that old to be invited to
Hasselblad’s 75th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone,
Hasselblad unveil their new digital medium format camera H6D.

H6D comes in 50MP and 100MP sensor. The 100 MP version
has a ISO speed range from 64 to 12800. Which is great by MF
standard. A 15 stops dynamic range is essential for capturing in
both the highlight and shadow area in maximum details. Dual
card slots is indeed a warm welcome. A CFast slot for high speed
capture and SD card slot for maximum compatibility. Did I say it
now also shoot in 4K?




Nice to meet you! Karl.

The event is held in Scape along the Orchard road shopping belt area.
As I enter the event hall; the place is divided into 4 main area. The
exhibition area which showcase the amazing pictures shot with H6D.
The lounge area is where food is serve and you could even have a beer
or two with other fellow photographers. Up on the stage area is where the
presentation is held. Lastly the hands on and shooting area. Together
with 2 lovely models you could take the H6D for a spin.

H6D-50C. shot by Aorta.
H6D-50C shot by Tom Oldham

When my turn came to test-drive the H6D, I must say I love the layout of
the LCD touch screen. Even the fonts look great! I crank up the shutter
speed to the max of 1/2000. Adjust the Broncolor power pack. Which is
more than capable to handle H6D 1/2000 flash sync speed.

In retrospect, the only hasselblad that I ever own was the H3D-22. I have
always think Hasselblad is the most attractive looking medium format
camera around. Here are some pictures to share that was shot with with
my H3D-22 then.

H3D-22, I shot this at 1/800. Now with H6D its a whopping 1/2000!

I have sold my H3D couple of years ago and after flirting with the H6D
with all the improvements; maybe I should sell my Phase One and return
to my first love. I think I better call Denis Lim AKA Mr Nice Guy from
Hasselblad Singapore. As for now, any kind soul out there could give me an
interest free loan?

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