Hipster Camera System

Two Cameras and three lenses = Best Hipster Camera System?


With this system I am able to mix and match. Let me explain.
X100T has 2 convertor lenses. WCL which converts X100T’s
23mm to 18mm. And TCL which convert X100T 23mm to a
35mm. The attachment of this 2 convertor will not increase
your F-stops compare to a tele-convertor. Which is good.

Next, the new sexy sibling, the X70. It’s a 28mm F2.8 fixed
lens. It also has one WCL which converts it to a ultra wide
at 21mm! A must have for photographers who loves landscape
and architecture.


X70 + WCL
X100T + WCL

Here is the deal; both X100T and X70 has the same filter tread
size of 49mm. Which means if I would to take a X100T’s TCL
and fix it on the X70! That would translate to around 42mm. I
could also take X70’s WCL and attached to X100T. Now that
will convert it about 25-26mm for X100T. Its just little more but
if you are looking for wider angle for your X100 series; this
may be your best bet.

In fact when I attached the X100T’s WCL on the X70; which
converts to around 23mm. Which is good enough for me. But
its the way this 2 comes together. They look like its made in
heaven. Totally balance and beautiful. You have to see it to
fully experience what I am talking about.

X100T mounted with X70’s WCL, X70 mounted with X100T’s WCL
X100T + TCL.
X100 + WCL. Double Exposure.
X100T + WCL. Lite by 3 Profoto B1s.
X70 + WCL


X70 with Updated FW version 1.10

If you own these 2 cameras and the 3 convertor lenses; you
actually have these entire set up in your bag under 1.25kg. Which
also translate to 7 “prime” lenses. Below is the set-up. All
converted to 135mm format.

50mm F2 X100T + TCL
42mm F2.8 X70 mounted with X100’s TCL
35mm F2 X100T
28mm F2 X100T + WCL
25-26mm F2 X100T mounted with X70’s WCL
23mm F2.8 X70 mounted X100’s WCL
21mm F2.8 X70 + WCL

I believe this is the best hipster camera system. You named it;
this system has it, almost. Hybrid viewfinder, leaf shutter lenses,
high flash sync, tilt screen for selfie, APS-C sensor, 21mm to 50mm,
touch screen, electronic shutter up to 1/32,000 and so on.

X100T + WCL
X70 + WCL
X100T + TCL. Lite by Profoto Ring Light


Many have asked which is a better camera? The new compact X70
or the retrolious X100T? They may share many parts together but
they are a totally different beast altogether. When you place all their
differences together; they form a very powerful alliances. If you are
looking for the ultimate hipster camera system, look no further.


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  1. Nice piece Ivan.

    I have an X100S with TCL and an X-70. The X-70 WCL isn’t available in the UK yet.

    Have you had access to the Fuji software upgrade for your X-70 as mentioned alongside the X-70 WCL and if so does this upgrade include modifications to allow official use of the X100 WCL and TCL on the X-70?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hello Ian, this “mix and match” is not official. Its definitely not meant to be. Be hey; if you do have the lenses why not have some
      fun with it. I do realize they do have a tiny bit of vignetting at some mix.

      1. The x70 with the wcl x100 gives ALOT of vignetting, Ivan. Not just a little 🙂

        Fun little write up. 🙂


      2. Hi Jonas, its a lot of vignetting. Once you switch on the wide conversion mode; its cuts down heap.
        and for close up focus; up to a 0.5m range; there is no vignetting. I have just upload a new pic to the same blog
        about the issue. Cheers mate. 🙂

  2. Hi
    I have the X70 and X100s and WCL-X100. I attached the WCL-X100 onto the X70 to see heavy vignetting. However right now the WCL-X70 is not yet available and I also notice that the X70 function of activating in Menu system the placement of WCL is still not selectable. I believe Fuji will be releasing a FW update once WCL-X70 is physically released. Let’s see if the WCL activation in X70 will help in the vignetting.

  3. Hi Ivan, Thank you so much for discussing this topic. I just got the X70 and am curious to see samples of it with the TCL. Can you post one for us to see? I do not mind vignetting in this arrangement, just really want to see the clarity and how the image looks compared to no attachment on X70. Thanks so much. Nobody else has gone into depth like you have.

  4. fuji lent me an X70 for a day during the WPPI show here in Vegas. i had with me my x100s and the wcl-x100. out of curiosity i put the wcl-x100 on the x70 to see what a 27mm lens mounted on top of a 27mm lens would look like. i chose to photograph the sigma booth because of its geometry. after attaching the wcl i went through the menu to conversion lens and found the firmware for it had not been installed.

    this is what i got, these are full frames with very little post. http://imgur.com/WCBI3wA

  5. I prefer my anti-hipster, not as shiny and pretty set. Black X70 and a Black X-A1 with the XC 16-50mm. Logos blacked out. What do I get? A lighter, faster and more versatile set up. I get X-Trans colors as well as unbelievably sharp Bayer sensor images with Fujifilm colors. Yes, I know you’re post is just for fun. I have to mention, the X-A1 is slow in a lot of ways, but the image sharpness is mind blowing and it is the steal at the current prices. I got mine brand new with the kit lens for just over the cost of the WCL-X70. Crazy!

  6. Hmm…for me, the WCL for X100 is kind of unnecessary…you’d cover the length with the X70 itself, and the difference to the x70 w/ WCL is small as well?

  7. Kindly don’t insult the X100 series by calling it hipster…
    Pros have been shooting with the X100 system as an art and personal camera since it came out in early 2011.
    It’s not analog, has features that are best-in-class technology in digital cameras, and are quite pricey.

  8. It would be a dream camera for me. X200 (or whatever is going to be : ) 23mm f2 with the adapters of 16mm f2.8 and 35mm f2.8 . Having one stop smaller aperture values in adapters could gives smaller shape and better balanced camera in overall. If you think that f2 is indispensable then my suggestion is 23mm f1.4 with the adapters of 16mm f2 and 35mm f2. In this way, of course system is going to get bigger but the look and the overall balance can be way better.

  9. Hi from France!
    I have the X100T +TCL and the X70. Choosing Fuji X100/70 series allows user to think “system”.
    That said, why using the term “hipster?” In the film era, many photoreporters had the same kind of equipment: 2 cameras with fixed focal lenses.
    We often discover facts simply forgotten.

  10. Interesting setups.

    Curious, how do you tell the camera you are using a converter lens from the other camera?

    The x100t should not have option to tell it you are using the x70’s wcl, and conversely the x70 should not have option to tell it you are using the x100’s wcl or tcl.

    Do you simply not set a converter in camera ? And if so, is distortion an issue because it is not set to adjust/compensate for the converter lens?

    1. Hello there. There is no option to tell the camera about the WCL that is attached. I just set the option to lens conversion to “wide”.
      Seem to work OK. Cheers.

    2. Hello there. There is no option to tell the camera about the WCL that is attached. I just set the option to lens conversion to “wide”.
      Seem to work OK. Cheers.

  11. Hello,
    I have the new X100T with the TCL and the WCL. It work well. I try the new WCL for X70 in the Focus Days in Switzerland and i am happy to see a good quality. I dont see on a big screen but, on the screen of the x100T it’s nice.

  12. Hi Have you ever tried to put WCL-X70 on WCL-100 to have a 21mm eq on X100T? I was wondering if it works, independently from vignetting or distortion… in other words is possible to focus and have sharp pictures?
    I’ve got X100T and WCL-X100, should my crazy idea work, I would buy also WCL-X70!

  13. Hi Ivan, but from your blog I got that using WCL-X70 on X100T. you get 25-26….my question was if you ever tried putting WCL-X70 on top of WCL-X100 already put on X100T, and if the camera is able to shoot clear foto….. possible that with both extra lens on X100T the result is like using just the WLC-X70 alone?

  14. Hi Ivan,
    I recently purchased the TCL-X100II for my Fuji X70 to get a roughly 40mm equivalence FOV.
    The vignette is acceptable. However I am noticing massive distortion in my files.
    It requires me to go into LR and adjust the manual distortion correction slider to -15 to -36 depending on the image. Also required vertical transformation slider of +10 to +15 points.
    Did you have this issue as well with the X70 + TCL combo?

    1. Hello Michael, I have not added a TCL on the X70. All these are just for the fun of it. As you would know that the TCL-X100II is not
      meant for X70. Again if you could adjust in LR, then its good news. just more work on your part. cheers

    2. Yes same issue for me. Do not think there is any way around it as the X70 firmware does not support the TCL. I think it pretty easily could do but then would any buy the x100? I have an x70 and an x100 and it would be amazing to be able to use the converters interchangibly but sadly not currently possible unless you are prepered to do some tweaks in post.

  15. Hello there. Interesting post. I am a bit confused though. I have x100s. I know that the wide converter for x100 will give me about 28mm( full frame equivalent). You say that if I use the X70 wide converter to X100 camera I get 25-26 mm(full frame eq)? If yes then how comes and the less wider wcl-100 gives vigneting when used with x70 camera and its own more wide wcl-70 does not vignette ?

    Apart of the above I am interested to buy the WLC-70 for my X100S and I would like to see more examples of that combination if possible. environmental portraits for example in order to check if there is much distortion etc.
    Nice post and pictures. I am a big fun of my X100s and I believe like you , that it can be a full set with combination of the converters. You can do almost anything with that camera! I have also created an instagram hashtag for that #x100s_challenge. Simplicity and perfection!

    1. Hello Thome, the X70 wide convertor is created for the 28mm lens on X70. If you use it on X100 there will be no vignetting as its a 35mm focal length to start with. If you use a WCL-100 which is created for
      35mm focal on the X70 which is a 28mm; then there will be abit vignetting. Again this also have to do with how the adaptor lens is design. This is something you need to just play around and see if you like it.
      Personally I hope X100 series have a 24mm wide convertor instead of a 28mm. cheers

  16. Is anyone using the TCL on the x70 successfully. I love the idea of it but reluctant to spend the money if there is to much distortion. Since there is not the correction setting in the menu how do you get round it? Also is there any difference using the mark i TCL over the mark ii in respect of the x70

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