Happy Birthday X-Pro1

As my birthday comes closer I am always reminded of the day
I started with X-series. It was 5 years ago that I was blessed
with a lovely X-Pro1 plus XF35mm as a birthday present from
my wife.
DSCF1656DSCF1625 copy
Feeling a little nostalgic, as so much had happened since
I started my journey with Fujifilm X-series. From a user to a
client that actually asking me to share my story to Fujifilm
and to eventually being part of the amazing X-photographer
family. It’s indeed a privilege and also a blessing.
Today I decided to take out this old camera. With the speed on
how technology improves, by today’s standard a 5 years old
camera is old. As I put the battery in; I have to reset the dates.
That is how long I haven’t used this camera.
I have done many shots with this camera and I would like to
showcase a few of my favorite pictures taken with X-Pro1.
1st Place at 2014 PX3 Photo Awards in Paris.
X-Pro1 + XF35mm F1.4 Honorable Mention at 2013’s International Photography Award
International Photography Award 2014 Honorable Mention Award. X-Pro1 + XF14mm
Just look at the details of this shot. X-Pro1 Rocks!
International Photography Award 2014 Honorable Mention Award. Shot with Fuji Xpro1 + 56mm


Since I have taken it out from my dry box; why not spend some time
taking some photos with my first love. It may be only 16MP
camera but this original X-trans sensor produces one of the most
beautiful colors and details. Below are some pictures taken yesterday.
X-Pro1 Auto Focus is famous for the wrong reason. How should I
put it; GFX auto focus is faster!  With so many downside, Funnily
in an age of things being faster, lighter and better; I find using X-Pro1
slows me down as it takes time to get it ready; in a good way. It gives
me a little more time to have a  thought, recompose, to be a bit more
patience, etc.
One thing remind the same. It’s that special feeling I get with using
this camera. That have not change since I took ownership of X-Pro1.
Not many cameras can boast such a status.
Happy 5th birthday to my X-Pro1. You may be only 5 years old but
already a classic. Can’t say for myself, if I will grow old to be as cool
as a X-Pro1.
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  1. Nice article and images, sir! Likewise, I feel the same with my X-Pro2! It may not be the fastest kid on the block, but its’ image detail and rendition with some excellent Fujinon XF lenses is stellar! One question please…how did your work come to the attention of the X-Photographers?

  2. Hi,
    “It’s that special feeling I get with using this camera.” It is just the same for me.
    If I upgraded to an X-PRO2, my X-PRO1 is proudly standing on the self even if it has sometimes some false electrical contacts from having received too much rain.
    By the way, its 5th birthday will be in 2 month.

    Meilleures salutations


  3. I just packed my X-Pro1 with the 18/2 and 35/1.4 lenses for a city trip. Yes, it is slow, compared to the current Fujifilm bodies, but it’s still magical. Thanks for your review!

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