Samyang vs Fujifilm

I guess there is always a first for everything. Today is not about

any X-T3 leaks or the coming XF33mm F1.0 lens. Rather a battle

of Samyang vs Fujfilm. We are talking about cup noodles and not
lenses. Nothing about F-stops; more about taste and texture.
Samyang it’s definitely a bigger player in making noodles than
Fujifilm in this arena. I guess the Samyang Noodles has
nothing to do with Samyang Lens Manufacturer. First thing first.
They both look about the same in portion but Fujifilm is not what
you see. It’s actually smaller in size. 43g vs 70g.
I can’t read the Korean text on the Fujifilm cup noodles. After
adding hot water and waiting for three minutes I am ready to
eat. Texture is nice and pretty spicy.
As for Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor; its much more spicy.
Texture is identical to Fujifilm Film Simulation Provia 100F
Daylight cup noddles. Both Samyang and Fujifilm cup
noodles are made in korea.
Is there is a winner? I don’t think so, as favorite cup noodles
is from Nissin. Lastly I would like to thank Jere, my Fujiguy
from Fujifilm Singapore for giving me this lovely Fujifilm
cup noodles.
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