After the purchased of one’s camera and lens; to some the
beautiful photography journey begins. As for the rest; its
time to start accessorizing the newly acquired camera. New
strap, hand grip, soft release button, premium leather case,
and list goes on for miles. Camera accessories is indeed a
multi million dollar industry.


Today I am going to show off not one, not two but three hoods.
All on the sexy X-Series cameras. Something old and something


First, the X70 with the Square hood from UN hood from Japan.
I have been searching high and low for this hood. Thanks to Sam
Chia from Singapore Fujifilm Club X, for pointing me to the right
direction. This hood has a 49mm thread and will also fit on any
X100 series camera. I believe many of you will agreed with me
that this combo with the Fujifilm external optical viewfinder VF-X21
on the X70 looks amazingly cool!


Its made from resin. Feels well made, smooth and light weight.
Just ensure you have a AR-X100 adaptor ring to make all this
happened. If you are interested to purchase this hood; just email
Sano San at s-sano@un-ltd.co.jp. I made a order from him on
Monday morning in Singapore and by Thursday afternoon its here!

Next is the silver X100T fitted with a vintage Voigtlander 310/49 Metal
lens hood. This lens hood is a work of great craftsmanship. With lots
of love from Germany. When mated together; its oozes with so much
sex appeal. If you only shoot with OVF, then this hood will not work
well as its cover about 20% of the OVF’s view. If you are like me; only
shoot exclusively with EVF, then you have a sexy piece of camera
gear in your hands. Looks and substances do exist.



I gotten this idea from a fellow photographer Ken Choi. You could
still find these vintage Voigtlander 310/49 Metal lens hood from Ebay.
They don’t come cheap though. But I can’t take my eyes off this set up.
Its like a marriage made in heaven. Its so beautiful.

Last but not least, is my new silver X-Pro1 inspired by fellow
X-Photographer Jonas Rask. Here is Fujifilm latest metal square hood
for XF23mm F1.4 lens. Do you like this new hood with the silver X-Pro-1?
Its another solidly built lens hood. Those who owns the XF16mm
lens hood will find this quite familiar in the design. Comes with a slide
down plastic cover that locks in with a click.



After looking at this 3 hood set-up, which is your fav?

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  1. Pretty cool stuff. They are all pretty cool setups, but i think i like the new 23mm fuji lenshood.. i try to use the ovf in the x-pro2 as often as i can and appreciated the cooler more functional 23mm lenshood myself.

    Btw, brave and cool custom mod to the x-pro1. Did you just sand off the paint directly or somehow disassemble the top plate first and reassemble after paint was sanded off?

    I have often thought about repainting the x-pro in another color, but I’m too scared to disassemble camera for proper painting and imagine it would be tricky to paint around the parts if not disassembling it.

    As with the dials, it would be cool to recolor them as well, but the numbers and text are not engraved/etched so redoing those would be ber difficult.

    Anyways, thanks for this article and inspirational work.

    1. Hello. I just used sand paper to sand it it down as much as I could. maybe a 2 hour job split into 2 session of an hour each over 2 days. Cheers and have a super week ahead.

  2. Hi, the silver edition x-pro1 looks amazing! It looks “innocent” during street photography and more retro style. What a shame the fuji didn’t release silver version. Mind to share some picture of the back and when it’s attached to silver XF 35mm f/2 ? Thanks for sharing

  3. Alrighty. Any details on that oh so sexy XPRO 1? You have another article on how it was converted to silver? So very nice….

    1. Hello there. Actually; I just slowly use sand paper to just sand it down. You may use masking tape to cover the
      LCD and viewfinder. I used to type to sand paper 600 to sand down and 1000 to polish it off. Good luck.

  4. I’m came across Pinterest to your blog because I’m searching for a square lens hood for my x70. In Germany, it seems they are only available for about 50 bucks… Round lens hoods are only 20€…Damn!

  5. Hi Ivan, could you tell me how much the unx 8118 protrude in the x100 ovf please ? I am hesitating between this one and that one the haoge LH-E2K

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing.
    I always loved the Voigtlander hood. Specially this one. But i noticed from the pictures that it has no normal thread (most of hoods being rotated on the lens front to get attached) but this one has a strange (ending).. How would it fit?
    Also -as usual- regarding the xpro 🙂
    Did u have to remove the dials first?

      1. It fit perfectly on any X100series. Just removed the ring from the X100 lens and screw in the Voigtlander. Just ensure it the right model for the hood.

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