X70 vs X-T10.

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X70 is indeed a very capable compact camera. Now with the arrival of WCL lens
convertor, which basically converts the 18mm to a ultra wide 14mm and still keeping
it at a bright F2.8 f-stops.

X70 + WCL (14mm)
X70 + WCL (14mm)
F5.6 @ 1/500 with rear side lit by Profoto B1 and front lastolite reflector.
Selfie mode. Shot by my daughter. X70 + WCL (14mm)
X70 @ 18mm

Last week I added X100’s TCL into the mix. This was my set-up for the days ahead.
X70, WCL/X70 and X100’s TCL. As far as I am concern, the X70 will perform
well at 14mm and 18mm focal length. Of course it does offer a digital zoom at 23mm
and 35mm. Which I am not a fan but I guess it works. Since I am not a fan; I ask
myself why not add the X100 TCL and try it on the far end of the digital zoom of 35mm.
Which will make it into a 45mm or 50mm? How does it fair against the standard 35mm
digital zoom?

Will this be Fujifilm’s smallest,lightest and pocket friendly set-up for now? Below is
the weight and price comparison with its closest siblings; the X-T10. I decided to use a
interchangeable lens system instead of using X100T. The reason is ,I wanna compare
the IQ of the compact X70 vs a interchangeable system with their prime lenses.
As we all know; the primes on the X-T10 will be the winner. The question is by how much?
Both cameras share the same sensor. I will not go into the science of this but in my
layman term; I will let these set of photos do the talking.

X70 (18mm) 302gm            (USD 699.95)
WCL X70(14mm) 192gm    (USD 199)
TCL X100 180gm                (USD 349)
674gm                                 (USD 1247.95)

XT-10 381gm                      (USD 1099)
XF14mm 239gm                 (USD 899)
XF18mm 116gm                  (USD 599)
XF35mm F2 170gm            (USD 399)
906gm                                 (USD 2996)

The 14mm range is a little interesting. When I compare X70 + WCL vs X-T10 + XF14mm F2.8, some what X70 + WCL has a “wider” focal length. Which I am not complaining. When shooting with WCL; one need to go into the menu to switch on the lens conversion mode. That will help heaps in perspective distortion correction.

X70 + WCL ( 14mm )
X-T10 + XF14mm

At 18mm range, I can’t really tell the difference at all. So its a draw. Or maybe some
expert could share some light on this. With my aging eyes, the IQ and sharpness looks
the same to me.


X-T10 + XF18mm F2. Shot at F4
X70. 18.5mm @ F4

X-T10 + XF35mm vs X70 35mm digital zoom and + TCL X100 Attached.

At 35mm range, as you can see, X-T10 with XF35mm F2 shot at F2.8 yield the creamiest
bokeh. 35mm digital zoom on X70 is indeed commendable. X70 with the attached TCL is
probably the best mix to me. As you don’t lose IQ because of digital zoom. Last option is
X70 + TCL + Digital Zoom.

The clear winner is expected. X-T10 with XF35mm F2. If you are in camp X70; are
you able to live with the result of X70 + TCL X100? I would say its really not that bad.

X-T10 + XF35mm F2. Shot @ F2.8
X70 + Digital Zoom (35mm) @F2.8
X70 + TCL/X100 @ F2.8
X70 + TCL/X100 @ F2.8 + Digital Zoom (@35mm)

Finally, I think X70 is a definitely a camera that packs a punch. If you are looking at a same
set-up; then this will problely the best set up for its size and value. At 55% lower cost, compare to X-T10 + 14mm,18mm and 35mm set up. For X70 + WCL + TCL X100 set up, the IQ is pretty close to the X-T10 set up. If you love shooting with a view finder like myself than the choice is obvious. Of course you could add a optical view finder on X70 but it doesn’t give you any information compare to an EVF. If size and value is on your top priority list; X70 is the way to go. And you can’t go very wrong with it.

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