In Prompt To photography lesson.

I have always wanna teach photography to my 7 year old daughter. I guess as a photographer Papa, I would love to share with her my passion. Since this year we have been shooting more together. Nothing too technical. Just shoot and enjoy photography; and more importantly a great way of bonding between father and daughter.
This morning the window light coming through my bedroom was lovely. Immediately I went to pick up a X100F and started shooting. Summer did the same too! She picks up her X70 and started photographing. She even place some props and even used a mirror to bounce off some light. She learn to use a mirror because I have always used a mirror as a reflector in some of my product shoots.
Above pictures are Summer’s shot. And below are PaParazzi’s photos.
In prompt to photography lesson are the best. In this precious 5 minutes, I am able to show Summer highlights, shadow and using a mirror to reflect light. Short as it may be but it certainly a precious 5 minutes to me. I am thankful in this process I am also able to document this intimate moment. Below are some shot taken by both of us. Photo 1,3 and 5 are Summer’s shot and 2,4 and 6 are shot taken by me of her taking that shot. Now you know why she call me her Paparazzi.
Shot 1. Summer X70
Shot 2. Shadow play. PaParazzi X100F
Shot 3. Summer X70
OINK0819 1
Shot 4. PaParazzi X100F
Shot 5. Summer X70
Shot 6. PaParazzi X100F
PaParazzi X100F

Here is a link to share Summer earlier photos :

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