We like it Medium.

DSCF6614aThis morning was the gathering of medium format lovers at [.REC ] by Alan Photo at CT Hub 2. This is my first time there and wow; It’s a beautiful showroom with heaps of photographic and video gears. Plus there is even a studio inside this showroom!
Photos by Andy Yeo.
We have a total of 15 participant for this Fujifilm GFX hands-on session. From professional photographers to serious amateurs dying to bring  either GFX50s and the new GFX50R for a test drive. There is even a participant that is a GFX50s owner that is thinking of adding the GFX50R to his set-up.
Good morning! paparazzi….
If this lovely lady can handle a medium format; anyone can!
Andy Yeo from Fujifilm Singapore. GFX50s + GF250mm. Bokehlious.
During the photowalk which is just across from the showroom; we had the opportunity to shoot street. Yes you heard it. Street photography with medium format cameras.  I had the opportunity to share and  find out more from these participant on their thoughts of Fujifilm Medium Format camera. I am glad a few of them are seriouly jumping ship ( I manage to give that final push!) from full frame after seeing the image quality from the rather small GFX body.
Here are some photos to share from this morning. Do join us for the next session. All taken with GFX50s. Cheers.


Mike is a strong strong man. Shooting with the Monster GFX250mm lens!


A short studio session toward the end. Thank you Audrey for being our lovely model.



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