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Last Saturday together with influencer Elaine Heng and myself, we conducted a small
workshop at Fujifilm Studio. Elaine kick off the session with her sharing on Instagram.
I am not any expert in IG and thorough her sharing I realize my IG account have always
been a private account. So as of last Saturday my IG is set to public! Do follow my IG at
During Elaine’s session, participates were encourage to style some products for their
IG photos. I also learn that there is a particular timing to upload your IG photos for
greater reach. 12-2pm and 6-8pm. This timing only apply during weekdays. Was told
there are no “hot” timing for upload of IG photo during weekend. So I guess anytime
works for weekends.
My sharing focuses on blogging. I started blogging almost 3 years ago. August 2014 to
be exact. Not that I love writing. I started because I think as a Fujifilm X-photographer
I should do something like blogging and spread my love for X-series camera via FB. I
guess it being what a responsible X-photographer should do or some will call it “poisoning”.
In a nutshell, I shared to the participants that blogging is a journey like any thing we do.
Along the way there will be some that will criticize and others that pat you on your back.
There will alway be bully in the world; but just focus on the good stuff. This is how we
stay afloat and grow.
To me; the joy of blogging is to write a good article that touches the heart of the reader.
Its easier said than done. Sometime one article takes me 2 weeks to complete, couldn’t
match the viewership of an article that I wrote in 30 minutes. Learning to understand
what people like is something that I am still trying to learn and understand. Honesty
and information is key for my blogging world.
We ended the workshop with a 30 minutes studio session. Elaine was our sassy model
together with some props like flowers, make-up product and even an new Instax SQ10;
we gels everything and started posting it on Instagram.
Here is the video link for the workshop.
After the participate left; with some time to spare Eliane and I did a beauty/IG shot.
My weapon of choice today is the Broncolor Siros L 800 mounted onto the sexy Para
133. Mated with GFX and GF120mm F4. This set up is made in heaven for me. Here
are a couple of shot from the session. I just love the broncolor “light” and how GFX
captures the details and even the shine.
Special thanks to make-up artist Jamie @jamiexjm for that awesome work.


100% crop. GFX + GF120mm. Jpeg.

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