That X-Tra Mile.

Seven years ago I was looking for a folding bike. I was thinking of
a nice looking bike that could ride and take pictures along the way.
The idea was to get two folding bikes. One for wifey and myself.
This idea didn’t take flight with the coming of Summer, my daughter.
Until maybe 2 week ago. I thought its time to fan this fire again and
search for my dream folding bike. I started with where I left seven years
ago. Strida was the bike that I almost wanted to purchase. As I continue
to research, the arrow points towards either a Tern or Dahon. I love the
color and design of Tern. Until I saw a FB photo of a friend. Benjy posted
a picture of his family cycling with their Brompton. Did more research
on Brompton and also had a chat with Benjy to find out on his Brompton.
The picture I saw was his second Brompton!
After another two days of research my heart is set on a Brompton. I love
how its able to fold not half but a third of its original size. I love the retro
look. Just like the Fujifilm X100F or X-Pro2 camera! The big headache
is how to customize it to my liking? The color, handle type, gear options,
accessories and also it must fit my budget.
After setting my heart on a Brompton, I realize I actually have a few
friend that are Brompton riders and they all pointed me to Mighty Velo,
Singapore’s folding bike specialist. Tommy, the friendly Brompton
specialist explain to me all I needed to know about the Brompton and its
ownership. The rest is history.
I did a short inaugural ride with my daughter at the park connector.
Brought my Fujifilm X-Pro2 with XF35mm lens along too. Here are some
pictures to share. And believe me; there are more pictures to come.
Looking forward to blend photography and cycling into one heartbeat
and maybe start a cycling and photography group soon.
My frist selfie with my Brompton.




Great design are timeless.


my 2017 6 gear brompton.


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