King of 27mm

Let’s talk about Viltrox. I think with the recent launch of their 13mm F1.4 and also the 75mm F1.2, Viltrox have rise up to challenge against the main traditional 3rd party manufacturer like Sigma and Tamron. And they should be feeling the heat from Viltrox. I personally own a 13mm F1.4 and I love a wide angle prime. 

Now let’s focus on the 27mm F1.4. It’s not a small lens especially if you would liketo compare against the tiny Fujifilm XF27mm F2.8 WR pancake lens. They are both design for specific purpose. So I feel; its really needless to put the 2 lenses in a side by side comparison. 

Viltrox 27mm is about 40.5mm in full frame equivalent. I have never been a fan of thisfocal length; but, a big BUT! In a strange way I kinda fallen in love with it because itsa F1.2 lens. Not just the bokeh effect its able to produce but suddenly the 27mm lensis able to delivery more pop! This focal length sits between the 23mm and 33mm. Instead of having 2 lenses, why not bring one that sits nicely between these 2 lens;plus its a F1.2 lens.  
I love the design of this lens. It’s not a small less. Filter size is 67mm. Neither is it light weight; weighting at 560g. But if you are strong enough to overlook this; I am certain you will be rewarded. Let me share about the 1/3 click aperture ring. It’s not clickless but feel a little clickless. A very well dampen click; also very silent. Feels very nice. Every lens with an aperture ring should have this feature. Feels so luxurious just turning the aperture ring. 

All the below photos are all shot at F1.2.

At F1.2 this lens is extremely usable. The fall off is lovely. The glass is nothing shortof praises. 15 elements in 11 groups. Including 2 ED lenses, 5 lenses with high reflective index and 1 aspherical lens. 
At wide open there is a very slight vignetting which can be easily corrected in post. As far as I am concern; I didn’t see any chromatic aberration. This lens is sharp. 
Is this lens weather resistant? According to the manual; it mention moisture proof. So I guess is kind of weather seal. Which makes this lens even more desirable.

Auto focus is quiet with its STM focus motor. Is the auto focus lightning fast? No. I would label it “quick” at best. This to me is the 1st downside. 2nd is the weight at 560g and lastly the size. Do note all this are not a deal breaker. As a total package I could see some professional taking up this lens as part of their set-up. 
Lastly I think I could label Viltrox is a “premium” Chinese lens manufacturer. They are indeed making better lenses in this recent time. Agreed?

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