Voigtlander 27mm F2, Something special.

Once in a while something special comes along. And today is just that special day. I am happy to mention that the Voigtlander 27mm F2.0 is just that lens. At 27mm,  this lens has an angle of view similar to a 40mm full-frame equivalent.

what a great pairing with X-pro3.
Such a joy to use the focus tab.
X-T5 with the Voigtlander 27mm F2. Marriage made in heaven?
Don’t you think these set-up is so beautiful?

I guess to some photographers this focal length is the best of both world. As it’s sandwich between the 2 classic focal in the full-frame equivalent, 35mm and 50mm. I am not a fan of manual lenses but in a strange way I just click with this Voigtlander lens.  After using it for 3 days; I could happily boast that my manual focusing skill have indeedimproved. LOL. Maybe I enjoy using the focusing tab on this lens. 

This lens is sharp. ( if I nail it right! LOL) ISO 160, 1/800 @F2
ISO500, 1/80, @F5.6
ISO 160, 1/240 @f2
ISO 160, 1/850 @F2
Lens hood. Screw on type.

I love the design of this made in Japan manual lens. Visually very pleasing. Weighting at 120 grams this lens is a power house. The construction of this lens feels very well built. This lens paired most beautifully with all X-series cameras except X-H series. At least in my opinion.  

ISO 160 1/80 @f2
ISO 160 1/250 @F2
ISO 160 1/3500 @F2.2
ISO 160 1/1800 @F5.6
ISO 160 1/750 @F2
Strap by @hyperion_camera_straps

Despite being a F2 lens; this lens is tiny. 10 aperture blades ensures smooth focus gradient. Aperture ring is in 1/3 stops and this lens has a very useful minimum focusing distant of 25cm. Did I mention this lens comes with electronic contacts. 

Such a versatile lens for everyday lens. ISO 160 1/1100 @F2
ISO 160 1/1250 @F2
ISO 160 1/3000 @F2
ISO 160 1/4000 @F4
Left XF27mm @F2.8, Right Voigtlander 27mm @F2.0

This lens comes with 2 colours options. Classic black and retro sliver. It also comes with a metal screw on flat shape lens hood. Unfortunately its only comes in black color. Personally I could live with without this lens hood.  

ISO 160 1/4500 @F2
ISO 640 1/80 @F2
ISO 160 1/280 @F2
ISO 160 1/5000 @F2
Size differences X100V and X-E4 + Voigtlander 27mm F2.0
Art Science Museum ISO 160 1/240 @F5.6
ISO 160 1/100 @F2
ISO 160 1/160 @F2
ISO 160 1/2900 @F2
ISO 160 1/2000 @F2
ISO 160 1/750 @F5.6
ISO 160 1/6 @F16

Optically; this is the greatest asset for this lens. I couldn’t fault this lens. Everything is just perfect. Six element arranged into 4 group. The image quality of this small lens will not disappoint. Visually I couldn’t find any fringing. C.A. is very well control. No vignetting. 
In conclusion; if you are looking for a small manual lens that is well design, optically sharp, good built quality and a joy to use. I please to announced that the Voigtlander 27mm F2 is second to none. Just take my money! 

ISO 320 1/80 @f2
ISO 160 1/150 @F2
ISO 640, 1/80 @F2
ISO 160 1/3800 @F2
Selfie time. ISO 1600 1/80 @F2

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  1. Excellent commentary and pics however no price or where to purchase as I am very interested in one…

  2. I was debating whether to pick up this lens or the 35mm APO. I ended up with the 35mm with its semi Macro feature. However, I am still eyeing the 27mm due to its size and seemingly easier markings on the lens for zone focusing (street photography). In terms of the sharpness, what are your thoughts? Also, with this being a pancake manual lens, do you find it difficult to change the F stop and focus for quick adjustments taking street photos? Great review by the way.

    1. Hello Joey, I like the 27mm for its size and design. every system takes some time to get used too. nothing is perfect but we could somehow perfect the workflow to fit our needs. Because it’s small and therefore it will take some careful adjustment for focusing and changing the aperture. But like what I mention in the blog; I truly enjoy using this lens. It’s not the sharpest of lens but it’s sharp enough. Cheers

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