Leap of Faith.

GFX + GF32-64mm + Broncolor Siros 800L + Para133.
Last Saturday I conducted a two and a half hours Fujifilm
workshop to 18 participants and also had my fellow
X-photographer Jose Jeuland and his lovely wife joining in.
Jose is an amazing travel, documentary and street
photographer. Do check out his site at http://www.josejeuland.com
The workshop theme; are you ready to take that leap of faith
and turn your passion into a career. It’s a sharing of my
experience on my journey from shooting events, weddings
and eventually I found my calling in Commercial photography.
Photography as a career is not just having all your camera
gears ready. There are so much more from getting your
portfolio ready for the genre of photography that you plan
to dive in. Website; name cards, photography equipments,
EG, studio lights, reflectors, power banks, workflow, etc.

I also share on how to do a proper quotation and explain

what is copyrights/loading fees.
We ended the session a treat. I wanted the participant to
experience using the best pro gears. All the participant
had the opportunity to test out the new Fujifilm medium
format GFX with the amazing GF110 F2 lens. To pair it off;
we had the best strobe light; Broncolor Siros 800L
and a Para 133 was also used. I guess the “real” treat
to some is our model of the day Jaslin Mossadeg dress
up as Wonder Women.
A video clip :
Lovely Jaslin getting ready.


Strong man or a pretty light medium format.
Wonder Women’s new camera; X100F.
Should we have a super hero X-photographer?

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