Documentary Sunday with X100F

Last weekend was my nephew’s 10th Birthday. And the mini birthday picnic
celebration is at the lawn of Gardens by the Bay. Just before I reach the

car park; there was an empty field  beside a MRT construction. There I saw
a group of migrant workers having a game of volleyball on a makeshift
volleyball court.

So after we settle on the lovely spot with my in-laws at the lawn; I sneak
out for a little shoot. A 10 minutes walk away from a world-class garden
brings me to a very different environment. A great venue for some documentary
photography with my X100F. The best thing about documentary photography;
one gets to meet new people. I just have to Remember to smile and say HI!
Ahead, Gardens by the bay. behind me, a 5 minutes walk to the open field.
When I arrived; I notice the two poles that was holding the net was made with
construction gears and pipes. The court lines are made of many pairs of slippers.
Manage to have a chat with one of the 2 guys sitting on the sideline. They are
all construction workers for a new MRT line. All of them are from India and boy
they are all very friendly.
This gentleman was telling me that their dormitory is just 2 minutes walk away.
Which is also a couple of minutes away from their work site. I guess this is where
they work, sleep and play. After watching a game; I ask for a final group photo
before walking back to my nephew’s birthday picnic.
Funnily this little encounter did leave a deep footprint in me. And I am sure I
will be back again.


  1. Great photos n story! Did you use any of the converters or just the camera as is? The portrait of the migrant sitting on the grass with the sun behind him is really nice, was wonderring if you shot that in raw n pulled down the exposure of the sun to show more details or is it as shot? Either way all of the photos look really nice keep it up!

    1. Thanks Ed. They are shot in raw and process in Capture one. Most of the shot are done without the convertors. X100F is a great walkabout camera. Its the best!

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