Lunch with Yuta San and my dream request to Fujifilm.

Over lunch today, Yuta Kawamura from Fujifilm asked what request do I have for future Fujifilm road map? To be honest I was a little stunned. Why? I don’t really have much request. I guess I am a pretty happy Fujifanboy! Contented or maybe I am too jaded. Too much gears in my life. This same question haunted me again tonight and this leads to me thinking harder and deeper. And thus this blogpost.

Kindly write your request at the comment section of this post.

Dear Yuta San, 

Thank you for lunch today and after much thought here are my request. 

1. A monochrome X-Pro4 with screen like current X-T5. Yes, with IBIS too.
2. A set of 3 premium manual lens for X-series. 18mm, 23mm and 35mm. At least a F1.4 brightness. When I mention premium, means these sets of lens have amazing optics with no compromise. Make these lenses legendary! 
3. Fixed lens 50 MP GFX. Similar design principle as X100 series. No IBIS needed. Make this camera as small as possible. Perfect medium format camera for travel and documentary work. Must be WR. Add another 2 convertor lens. Similar to X100 series.
4. Tilt/shift lens for X-series
5. A Full Frame X100 series camera. Why not? Still maintain a 35mm focal length (135mm format )      Add another 2 convertor lens. Similar to X100 series. 
6. A true successor for X70.
7. Update for XF lenses. 

a) XF18mm F2

b) XF14mm F2.8

c) XF35mm F1.4

Best Regards

Ivan joshua Loh


These are my request. And to all Fujifanboys and Fujifangirls; I am sure you do have requests too. Kindly leave your request in the comment section below. I will certainly be excited to see shared below. And I am sure HQ will certainly look into this and hopefully some of our request will be on the roadmap.

A selfie photo after lunch. Always a blast with Yuta San and his signature pose!


  1. Would love a manual/rehouse of the new 18,23,33 optics. Bonus points if they add focus tabs! Also, extra bonus points if the aperture remains open when we focus. I use vintage or laowa lenses sometimes. One issue is that I have to focus wide open, stop down, and then shoot. On old slr it was mechanical and automatic. But now all manual lenses on mirrorless lacks this function making manual shooting not as great.

    X-pro4 should have the 9.44m dot evf imo to bridge the gap between digital and optical viewfinder. I love using the split prism focus assist, and a higher res evf will be great.

    Wild idea but you might have seen this new adapter for cine cams that is variable and adds character. If Fuji can ever come up with a lens filter that adds character, that could be awesome for the new lenses.

    Monochrome bodies or conversion service will be huge too.

    Silly idea probably but a “dual lens” zoom might be great. Similar to Sigma 24-35 ef lens, but a Fuji version. 16-23 f2 + 35-56 f2

    Forgive my late night impossible dreamlist hahaha

  2. Totally agree on n°1, an xtrans bw x-pro4 with tilt screen (the one of the pro3 will be ok too). Ibis will be a plus

  3. A GF X with 35mm equivalent fixed lens, and superb EVF. A 50R update with IBIS and best available EVF. More Pancake lenses, such as a 24 to 26mm equivalent, faster 40mm equivalent, all WR. Updated 14mm and 18mm to WR. A small fast 75mm Lens. A solid small zoom, along the lines of the SONY 28-60mm, but built better with top notch optics and a max of f4.5
    Continue the X pro Series, but with state of the art EVF, and less fragile monitor.

  4. 1) a monochrome camera using the Xpro2 layout (please give back to me the original flip screen… not the XP3 screen); alternative is to offer a conversion service
    2) a X100V but with a 50mm equivalent lens (no… a lens adapter do not count)
    3) a reasonably priced TX1 (you can even make it in DX format, don’t need FF)

  5. Build a compact and kickass xpro4 and 18mm F1.7/2 to compete with leica Q3. It’s leica most popular series, there’s a market for a compact high end point and shoot. No camera brand filling that gap between the Q3 and x100V.

  6. X-Pro 5 with 30+MP, tilt screen, IBIS
    Updated 18mm f2 and 23mm f2 (sharper, faster AF)

  7. I would love to see a full frame X100 series camera with IBIS.

    In terms of lenses, I agree, f1.4 primes would be ideal.

    GFX: CF Express card slots, faster AF and smaller more compact lenses that still maintain high optical quality. At least 5.76 MP EVF on all GFX cameras

    Overall though, improved UI. Touch enabled and more modern in design. The current UI hasn’t changed in years and with new features coming into cameras, it’s a bit complex to find settings now.
    Also in the Q menu please give users the ability to tap on icon and see a drop down menu if needed. Also give in the Q menu give the full name of the simulation or an icon so we can differentiate them. Two letter abbreviations may not be clear to new users.

  8. A xpro with a normal front facing screen. It is really not a good experience to have a screen that has broken twice and now I am afraid to open as it might break again and is no covered by warranty. For obvious reasons opening it to adjust menu settings has made it feel like Russian roulette. Not asking for any technical wishes, only ask for reliable piece of gear.

  9. It will be enough for me that they extend lifetime guaranty for the articulated screen of my X-Pro3 which they sure know by now has a very embarrassing design and quality flaw

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