Meet Summer Braveheart


Summer, my cheeky little daughter. She will be 4 years old in February next year.
Few days ago she mention to her mother that her heart is beating very fast. Like
every parents; the child’s health is paramount. Immediately we brought her to
her usual PD. After the check-up; PD did hear some murmur of the heart.
very faint. She recommends that Summer goes for further test.


The next day as referred by the PD we were at a heart specialist. Was brief by
her what to expect and how to coax Summer so that the whole process will
be smooth. Summer need to do an ECG and a heart Echo test.

The whole process was about 45 minutes. Summer have been a brave little girl.
Could see that little fear in her eyes and she just kept asking if the process is
over. She held on to the end.


The result was good. Summer’s heart is normal and all is well. The fact reminds;
there is still that murmur. The hearts specialist say that is nothing to be concern
of. Just bring her back in a year for a check and all should be good.

Just wanna thank God for his protection on my little Braveheart. PTL.




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