Shower of Blessings

A heavy downpour is the best opportunity for my daughter. The opportunity

to play in the rain. Yippe!


Without any further ado, I mounted the XF 50-140mm lens quickly on the XT-1.
Both are weather sealed. Double check if I have both the hot shoe cover and rubber
base cover attached on the XT-1. Yes, I am good to brave the rain!

Immediately I run out our front door to the street with my daughter. Running, splashing and
jumping on the water puddles. I feel free that I am not afraid of my camera being ruin because
of the rain. Just focus on shooting my daughter and playing in the rain. I was so excited that
I didn’t even check if the OIS is switch on. Ha!

DSCF8450 DSCF8486

Having a Fuji XT-1 + XF 50-140mm in your hand on a raining day is indeed a blessing.
Shower of blessing indeed.











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