Meet the Worst Lens of 2020.

This Fuji Fanboys was taken aback by what he saw at DPRTV’s recent show on the Best and Worst of 2020. The XF50mm F1.0 lens bag the worst lens of 2020. Wow. Nothing against DP Review as everyone has their views and reasons. It’s a free world. Just going through my dizzy head on how did this lens manage to achieve this accolade? 

I beg to differ with all due respect to Chris and Jordan who is doing a great job reaching out to the photography and videography community. As a consolation the XF50mm F1.0 still gotten some precious air time. LOL. 

XF50mm F1.0 may not be the sharpest lens Fujifilm has to offer. Let me explain a little. If one were looking for the sharpest lens in the Fujifilm X-series lineup, the XF80mm F2.8 and XF200mm F2 is definitely ahead of the curve. 
The strength of XF50mm F1.0 WR is definitely its light gathering ability at F1.0. This itself is its advantage. Many would say the difference between the Fujifilm XF56mm F1.2 is just that half stop. In reality, the biggest difference is how the bokeh is render vs its 56mm F1.2 sibling. It’s just smoother in a very different way. It just pop. 

Lastly, this worst lens of 2020 is a very specialize lens. Don’t even think of using it for street. It was never created for it. Of course no one is stopping you. It’s design for portraits and it works beautifully for fashion, wedding and portraits photographers. If you are still thinking of getting the coveted Worst Lens of 2020; hurry up, as there are still a pretty long wait list to get your hands on one of this terrible lens. Of course if you can’t wait, there is alway the best lens of 2020, which is easily available. 

If you need evidence on how bad this lens performance, below are 4 full size jpeg photos taken by the worst lens of 2020. Good luck to you if you are still thinking of getting this lens after looking at the photos.

XF50mm F1.0 WR.

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  1. They totally blew it with their comments about sharpness. Completely missed the point of this lens

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