Old vs New (XF10-24mm)

How time flies. Felt like just yesterday I gotten my very own XF10-24mm F4 ultra widezoom lens. This lens have been greatly abuse by me and its still in good working order. Today I would like to share with my fellow Fuji Fanboys and Fangirls about my first impression with the new XF10-24mm F4 OIS WR. I will also have a simple comparisonbetween the MK 1 vs MK 2. Before that I would like to share a couple of photos taken with the MK 1 lens. 

XF10-24mm OIS F4 (MK1)
XF10-24mm OIS F4 (MK1)
XF10-24mm OIS F4 (MK1)
XF10-24mm OIS F4 (MK1)
XF10-24mm OIS F4 (MK1)

The size between this 2 lenses is almost the same. The biggest changes for this newlens has to be it now WR (Weather Resistant.) Funnily with all the weather seal onthis lens; it weight 25g lighter than Mk1.

Like many of you; I love this lens because of its price, OIS and size. Its rather compact. Perfect for landscape and travel photography. Now with WR, we could all brave the elements without thinking too hard. PS; provided your camera is also WR. 

The next new feature has to be the aperture ring. The reason why I love X series system are all the dials and nobs. Now with this aperture ring; its looks sexier too. As for the focusing speed I don’t see that much of a difference between the old and new. They felt exactly similar when I tried them one after another. If there is improvement; it’s insignificance. Having said that; the MK 1 AF is no slow coach in first place.  OIS has also been improve by one stop vs Mk 1.  There are no OIS on/off switch. This feature is now inside the camera menu system.

Classic NEG. Process in Capture One.
Classic NEG. SOOC
@F4 Classic NEG (SOOC)
Eterna (SOOC)

Lastly; we all heard that the lens formula is similar to Mk 1. I realize the result has some improvement. I don’t know what it is; maybe the coating on the glass or the quality of the new glass. The photo do have a little more contrast/detail.  Both photos are taken seconds apart. As it’s an overcast day the light is rather consistent. Both shot also have the same shutter speed and taken at F4.

Left MK 2 and right MK 1 (SOOC)
At 100% (Left MK 2, Right MK 1 ) SOOC
At 200% (Left MK 2, Right MK 1 ) SOOC

OK. This is a simple comparison between XF10-24mm F4 and the new XF10-24mm F4 WR. I know many will ask about the XF8-16mm F2.8.There is nothing to compare between the two. The price, size and IQ. Like it or not the XF8-16mm’s IQ is a notch up. Let’s don’t go there. 
I know of someone that own a XF8-16mm F2.8. He is thinking of getting the XF10-24mm because its lighter and also because of WR. Now who should get it? If you are thinking of getting an ultra wide zoom; there is no better time. This new XF10-24mm MK 2 tick all the boxes. If you are looking to buy a used XF10-24mm MK 1; now may be the best time to buy a new unit instead of a used one. I am sure when the Mk 2 is out on sale there will certainly be a price reduction on the MK 1. Make sense to get a new one instead of a used one that doesn’t come with a year of warranty. 

Process in Capture One (Jpeg)

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  1. Thanks for that review.
    One question: Where have you shot the images with “falling water” and the huge glass roof?

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