My X-Pro2

Everyone has their special camera or cameras. Maybe its a gift
from a love ones. Or a camera you brought with your bonus. Or
its a hand down from grandpa; like a heirloom. Today, I share
a little story of mine.


As some of you may know, X-Pro1 was my first X-series camera.
Which was a birthday gift from my wife. Did I mention that it comes
with a XF35mm F1.4 too. Talk about being blessed.

That was in June 2013 when my journey started with Fujifilm
X-series. Its been almost 3 years and this feeling hasn’t stop.
What is this feeling? Its a feeling of wanting to pick up a X-series
camera and start shooting.

In 2014 I left DSLR and leap into mirrorless. I wasn’t 100% confident
but in my heart I know its the right thing to do. I was sharing with
Thain Lin, who was a client that became a good friend about my
choice of moving into Fujifilm X-series. Thain Lin suggested that
I should share this story with Fujifilm. BTW, Thain Lin also left DSLR
and is now a X-shooter.

So, that was what I did. One thing lead to another and my path cross
with Keitaro So San from Fujifilm. I am humbled to be invited by him to join
many other awesome and creative photographers around the world into
this big family call X-Photograhers.



Last month Fujfilm celebrated its 5th X-series anniversary with a big
bang in Tokyo. Many photographers around the world was anticipating
and excited about the launch of X-Pro2. I have been fortunate enough to
test out a preproduction X-Pro2 since November 2015. Yesterday I met
with Favian Loo from Fujifilm Singapore. He handed me a production
X-Pro2 from Fujifilm Japan. Finally I get my very own X-Pro2! What makes
its even special; my name is on the cover of the battery lid! Just like my
X-Pro1; this X-Pro2 is also a keeper. What better lens to mount with other
then with my first XF lens; the XF35mm F1.4.



DSCF3520As for those who have pre-ordered your X-Pro2, very soon its gonna
be in your hands…..



  1. lucky you, ivan.
    it looks fantastic with the 35mm f1.4.
    is the ‘waxy’ image quality history with the x-pro2, as reported by jonas?
    met keitaro- san once when he was over in kl for a fuji event, nice bloke, he has time for you, surprised me he got transferred out to cinematic business unit.
    regards, ken

    1. Hello Ken, So far the Xpro2 been working great. No “waxy” issue for me. I process my workflow via Capture One.
      As for Keitaro San; he is waiting for us. As photographer; our next order of call should be the movies… so
      I guess he is there waiting for us. Am I right Director Ken?

  2. Hi Ivan, I can’t wait to get mine too, it’s going to be my first interchangeable lens Fuji camera! Also hoping for more weathersealed lenses, and perhaps some designed for video. Image stabilizer is really important for documentary work!

    – The guy that “walks” his camera

  3. Hi Ivan, I’m sooo looking forward to getting my unit too. It’s going to be my first interchangeable lens Fuji. Hope they develop more weathersealed lenses, and some geared towards video too. Image stabilization is really needed for filming documentary 🙂

    – The guy who “walks” his camera

  4. I just bought my X-T1.
    It is a work of art, the camera is feels so solid, the IQ outstanding and all the controls dials are far better than going into a menu

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