New XC15-45mm + X-A5

Don’t you think this combo look so good, agree?
X-A5. Yes, you heard it right. Fujifilm decided to skip the number
four. As an asian I could understand as the number four is not a
number associated with good luck; rather its the opposite.
Shot with X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
So what makes the new 24.2 megapixel X-A5 different or better
from its predecessor. Actually the top of the list is the lens that
comes with it. The all new XC15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ. Its a
handsome looking silver lens. On the wide side at 15mm which
is about 23mm in 135 format. That is pretty wide for a kit lens.
Perfect for landscape photography.
I actually mounted this lens on a X-Pro2 and it also look damn
sexy too! Actually I do find the respond is a tad faster when the
XC lens is mounted on X-Pro2.
XC15-45mm mounted on X-Pro2.
So how did this lens perform? AF speed is not record-breaking
but it’s certainly quick enough for any daily shooting workout. I
love the wide side of the lens at F3.5. On the other end at 45mm
which is about 67.5mm in 135 format; the F-stop is F5.6 which is
nothing to shout about. The lens has a minimum working distance
of just 5cm. Perfect for any close up photography.
Another feature of XC lens is it has power zoom.  Its operated
via the turning the ring on the lens. Not only will it work on X-A5
but the powerzoom will work seamlessly with any X-series
cameras. Its pretty fun having this feature.
Form factor for this lens is spot on. As with all XC lenses its
lightweight. In term of size comparison; its pretty close to a XF35mm
F1.4. With the XC being a tad smaller. So that is a good thing. The feel
of the lens is the same as with other XC lenses. It’s a budget lens so
don’t expect its to feel like a XF series lenses. But as a budget kit lens;
XC15-45mm is a huge bang for your buck.


Which lens focus faster? It’s the one on the left.
Here are some photos taken with entry-level Fujinon XC lens.
At this price point I would certain give this lens two thumbs up!
One can’t fault the IQ you get from this amazing little lens!
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
EmptyName 18
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
EmptyName 33
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
EmptyName 15
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
X-A5 + XC15-45mm.


Now, what is the improvement on this smallest and lightest
mirrorless camera with in the X-series family? First I would say
it’s the 4K video feature. At this price point; it’s probably the most
affordable 4K camera in its class. To top it up there is also a 4K
Burst function. The X-A5 could shoot at 15 frames per second in
4K image quality.
This may not be a big deal to many but X-A5 offers the class-leading
number of frame per charge. As much as 450 shots with a single
battery. Phase detection autofocus is now a standard. And the
processing speed is also 1.5 times faster than the previous models.
On top of 11 variation of the famous Fujifilm’s Film Simulation
Modes; X-A5 also features 17 variations of Advanced Filters for some
creative fun. Including the new “Fog Remove” and “HDR Art” filters.
Last and nothing really new about this but I always love a LCD
that could rotate 180 degrees for those selfie fanatics! Another
good feature is the Eye AF function will automatically be activated,
thus ensuring a sharp selfie image. This rear LCD uses the new
touch-panel GUI. What ever that means; to me it’s as intuitive as
an iPhone. So that is good thing in a right direction.
Selfie time. X-A5 + XC15-45mm.
Looks even better with my silver X-Pro1, agree?
Above are the details on the new X-A5. And here is my take on
this new camera. If you are looking for compact and stylish camera,
look no further. X-A5 is indeed grown up into a pretty mature camera.
Its feature packed and you may never even need all of it. Good to have
though. At this price point you are certain of getting a huge bang for
your buck for a 24.2 MP camera with an APS-S sensor. Plus 4K video.
The only headache is which color should one get? Black, Tan or a
pink X-A5?
Shot with GFX 50S + GF120mm F4
Here are some shot taken with Xpro2 + XC15-45mm. A good walk about lens indeed.
X-Pro2 + XC15-45mm
X-Pro2 + XC15-45mm
X-Pro2 + XC15-45mm
X-Pro2 + XC15-45mm

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  1. nice review. very curious about those new Fujifilm lenses, XC15-45mm
    it is sharp enough compare to XC 16-50mm?

    i currently use XF35mm, but i think i need walk around lens. For now, i prefer to choose XF18-55. But maybe i’ll will considering this 15-45mm

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