What’s your X wishlist for 2018?

As you read this, you would have probably already knew that
the latest firmware update news; there is 4K video for X-Pro2.
This is something we all love about this company call Fujifilm.
Or some haters would say; they should have put it there in the
very first place. When it comes to firmware updates; almost
anything is quite possible. Its better slightly late than never. Right?
For hardware; its something that it’s either there or not. Is there
a burning desire that you always hope that Fujifilm should have
produce this piece of gear? Everyone is different. Here is mine
wish list. Not all things is possible but one could still hope and
maybe Fujifilm might just hear this.
Here is my wish list for 2018. Do share with me at the
bottom of this blog your wishlist too.
1. 33mm F1.0 ( pleaseeeeeeeee )
2. New 35mm F1.4 ( and hopefully a little smaller and faster AF )
3. A silver version of Xpro2 or future models.
4. WR capability for X100F
5. WCL for X100 series that is 24mm wide instead of 28mm.
6. More prime lenses with the pull/push ring for quick manual AF control.
7. A pancake lens for GFX.
8. Tilt Shift lens.
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  1. In order of importance –

    5 x 4 ratio in camera jpegs

    Updated 14 f2.8, 23 f1.4, 35 f1.4(f1.2 would be nice but I think f1 would be too big and heavy), 56 f1.2 and 18-55/55-200 zooms.

    70 mm f1.4 (if possible with a 62mm filter size), I really miss my Nikon 105mm lenses.

  2. 1. some wide astro lens (with low astigmatism / coma in corners),
    2. 30mm f1.0 ,
    3. some nice walk-around zoom (16-105 f4.0) that would be good for video as well and
    4. a X-E3s with fully articulated touch screen.

  3. I just updated Adobe Photoshop CC and Camera Raw/Camera/Lens Profile lists the Nikon D850 but does not list my XPro2 nor any of the lenses.

    That tops my list!

  4. More time to play with my Fujifilm equipment and more time to print –that’s my wish list. Although my curiosity was piqued by the author’s #8–you mean for X series? I have a 35mm 0.95, have a 35mm 2, love the graphite X Pro 2 that I have, don’t use X100 (#5 would have been killer back in the day when I did have an X100-love that focal length), okay with the primes I have–I adapt and don’t own a GFX.

  5. A good quality pocketable Fujifilm camera, one I can carry with me wherever I go – a successor of the X70.

  6. For me it would be:

    – Updates to the oldest lenses (particularly 35 1.4, 14 2.8) to fast, silent AF.
    – All lenses also updated to WR.
    – stronger video codec, at least 10-bit 4:2:2
    – much better video AF (ideally tracking Eye-AF)
    – stronger Eye-AF in stills.

  7. I finally sat down and studied the problem. I found (Drummer roll, maestro plz) …. a short between the earphone cups. Well duh.
    Seems like, since Fuji applies the correction “in camera” it’s already been done for me. As I said, duh (very lower case😮).
    Makes me wonder why I don’t see the same with Nikon. More studying needed.

  8. More than happy with the X system the only thing I want and have been asking for is IBIS like Olympus have.
    That way I would be able to get the very best from all my wonderful X mount prime lenses.
    Yes I have zooms with O.I.S but I really want to use primes without the need of a tripod or support.
    I’m not interested in 4K as I’ve always been a stills shooter.
    I would purchase a purpose made video/movie camera if I wanted to shoot video.

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