ONE for the road.

DSCF0308aa 1
Shot with GFX50S + GF32-64mm. Lite with 3 Broncolor Siros 800L
Behind the scene.
Everyone loves the Union Jack tail lights. GFX50s + GF120mm
Before the make-over. GFX50S + GF120mm
When the MINI first arrived to the shores of Singapore, I could still vaguely remember the year was 2000, I went to the showroom at Sime Darby Buidling along Bukit Timah Road. It was indeed a feast to the eyes just looking at the modern 3 door Mini. And it has grew in size comparewith the original MINI but yet retaining the original shape.It’s indeed a refreshing scene in our boring local automotive world.
After adjusting myself in the driver’s seat; I next decided to test the space at the rear seat. It was a squeeze and I looked at the sale person and told her that its really tight back here. I could still candidly remembered her replied with her both hand raise: “ it’s a MINI! Everything is small.” I think I must have been the 11th person of that day chanting this same line to her.
Almost two decade later; I guess I am experiencing a MINI Life Crisis. Having said that I do have a small family. I have only one wife and a 8 year old daughter. Actually any car will fit my entire family. 
Selfie. Shot with X100F.
Cups holders perfect to house some Fujinon lenses. Shot with X-pro2 + XF35mm
A mix of leather and fabric. GFX50S + GF120mm
All round daylight running lights.
DSCF0605 1
Details details; everywhere.
The retro antenna design.
Round and circle is the theme inside the MINI. GFX50S + GF120mm
The MINI One 5 door is a good run about small family car. It may not be as practical as some of the other cars that we were looking for. In the end it was the MINI One that won our hearts in a beat. I guess its the iconic design and the way it drives that stole my heart. Plus the local dealer gave an irresistible 200,000KM warranty and 5 years servicing as part of the deal. 
I wasn’t really sure if it able to fit all my photographic gears. I remembered once my wife took my VW Golf and left her Boxster with me. I manage to squeeze quite a bit of my gears into the front and rear booth; and also the front passage seat. 
Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 9.43.10 PM
So far with the MINI One I have been able to shallow pretty much with no issue. I will have to update if the mini is able to swallow a standard 9 feet back ground paper inside the car.. My daughter enjoys changing the mood lighting inside the MINI. Color of the day or should I say everyday for her; Pink!
Once I start; I can’t stop. GFX50S + GF120mm
Devil is in the details. GFX50s + GF120mm.
My next stop was a visit to the JJ Decal Hub. I can’t just leave my Pepper White as it is right? After many sleepless night on google getting inspiration from MINI communities; James spent seven hours sticking my custom design on the MINI One. What do you think of it? Coolest family car? Ha Ha.
DSCF0965 1
F55 Mini One
Below are more photo to share. 
DSCF0889 1
One of my fav shot.
DSCF0849 1
Like the roof? GFX50S + GF45mm
DSCF0864 1 1
GFX50S + GF45mm. Lite with three Broncolor Siros 800L
GFX50S + GF120mm


X-T3 + XF16-55mm
Portraits of my Brompton. Shot with X100F lite a single Broncolor Siros 800L
GFX50S + GF32-64mm
My 1st Rule #1


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