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Welcome X-T10
Welcome X-T10

Welcome X-T10. I am not gonna compare you with any of your other
awesome family members. Rather; as the latest addition to the Fuji
X-Series family; I gonna introduce you to the world.

Fujifilm X-T10.
Fujifilm X-T10.
Top X-T1, Below X-T10.
Top X-T1, Below X-T10.

To be honest when I first saw you as a early prototype more then half
a year ago, you didn’t leave a deep footprint with me. But after spending
this last two weeks with you; strolling at the park, at family outings and
visits to the local market; you have been really an eye-opener. You are
really bigger on the inside then the outside. Small as you may be but you
certainly pack some punches with new design and improved technology.
A great leap forward indeed.

X-T10 & X-T1
X-T10 & X-T1

The new X-T10; a mini SLR style mirrorless camera is about 15-20%
smaller then his closet member; the X-T1. Here are the 10 reasons why
I love the new X-T10.

1.Built in Flash.
OK. This is nothing new. But you have to give it to the Fujfilm Design
Team for integrating it without any compromise and on the contrary it
blended in perfectly. In the beginning I did not even notice there was a
built in flash. Until I push a lever beside the left dial. Tada! The beautiful
hidden flash pops up! Its may be a tiny flash, but it work perfectly when
you needed that fill-in.

Pop up flash's lever.
Pop up flash’s lever.
Great design for the Pop-up Flash.
Great design for the Pop-up Flash.

2. AF Speed. (Be prepared to be WOW!)
This is indeed a major milestone for the X-series. The X-T10 locks in
very accurately and its really fast. Definitely the fastest in the X-series.
At least for now.
In low light its work just as good. For a dimly lit event; the fear of not
locking your AF is history. X-shooters; the AF you have been waiting is
almost here. Not here yet but to me its really very close. Its definitely on
par or better then any mid range DSLR’s AF. You have to test it yourself
to fully experience this great improvement in the AF department. Then
you will repeat the same word after me; WOW!

3. Zone AF
This is pretty useful when you need to capture object that is moving.
Instead of working with 1 AF point; X-T10 allows you to choose a “zone”
either 3×3, 3×5 or 5×5 from the 77-point auto focus area. One is able to
place the zone anywhere with in the frame. This feature is very useful for
tracking moving object.
Personally I prefer using the 3×3 zone AF point. Just wanna have more
control and the responsibility is only shared among the 9 point. I tried some
panning shots. This are just cars on the road. My hit rate is about 50% on
continuous AF mode; which is pretty good. As a rule of thumb; choose the
zone closest in term of size to your moving subject. If your subject is much
smaller; either you change a different focal length lens or use a single AF
point instead.
With the combination of phase detection AF data and subject motion
predictive AF; the X-T10 is capable of continuous shooting with AF-C
up to approx. 8 frames per second!

Zone AF. 3x3.
Zone AF. 3×3.
X-T10 + XF90mm, Zone AF + AF-C.  F11, 1/45, EV-0.33, !SO 100
X-T10 + XF90mm, Zone AF + AF-C. F11, 1/45, EV-0.33, !SO 100
X-T10, XF90mm. AF-C + Zone AF.
X-T10, XF90mm. AF-C + Zone AF.

4. AF-C Wide Tracking
The Wide/Tracking mode is a combination of the Wide mode
(during AF-S), in which the camera automatically identifies and tracks
the area in focus across the 77-point AF area, and the predictive Tracking
mode (during AF-C), which uses the entire 77-point area to continue
tracking a subject. This feature enables continuous focusing on a subject
that is moving up and down, left and right or closer and further from the
camera. For this mode I will recommend that one uses a wide or
standard lens.

Front dial for AF, Zone AF or Wide tracking.
Front dial for AF, Zone AF or Wide tracking.

5. Size.
Its not tiny. Its small. Weighting just 381 grams versus XT1 440 grams. Its
about the size of X100 series camera. Its for photographer who always
wanted a X100 series camera with interchange lens system; X-T10 is the
answer. Looking at the base of the camera; I don’t think Fuji will introduce
a battery grip on the X-T10 but there is a hand grip for those Mister Big
Hands. MHG-XT10.

Black Beauty, X-T10 and X-T1
Black Beauty, X-T10 and X-T1
X-T10 + XF18-55mm
X-T10 + XF18-55mm

6. Real Time Viewfinder
With a magnification of 0.62x and a display lag time of just 0.005sec
the X-T10 has the large and fast viewfinder. It offers a clear, high-definition
live view thanks to the new 2.36M-dot organic EL electronic viewfinder,
plus visibility has been improved by automatically controlling finder
brightness according to the ambient light levels. The live view display
can also be set to the “Preview Pic. Effect” option to reflect shooting
conditions and offer a natural view close to what is seen by the naked
eye. The viewfinder’s eye sensor will also automatically orientate the
information when the camera is positioned vertically; something that’s
not possible on models with optical viewfinders.
The diopter adjustment is just to the left of EVF. Thus allowing ease of adjustment when required.

View Finder
Real Time Viewfinder
X-T10, XF14mm, F2.8, 1/2700, ISO 200.
X-T10, XF14mm, F2.8, 1/2700, ISO 200.

7. Eye detection AF
Eye Detection AF, which automatically detects and focuses on human eyes.
To top it up the X-T10 even have the option to prioritize which eye your prefer?
Left or right eyes. How cool is that? This function allows you to easily focus
on the eyes even in difficult conditions – when shooting a portrait. This is
particularly useful when you are shooting with a very wide aperture.

X-T10 + XF23mm. F1.4, 1/105, EV+0.33, ISO 200
X-T10 + XF23mm. F1.4, 1/105, EV+0.33, ISO 200
X-T10 + XF90mm. F2, 1/1600, EV-0.33, ISO 200
X-T10 + XF90mm. F2, 1/1600, EV-0.33, ISO 200

8 . Missing Marco Button.
Time to celebrate. I can’t find it anywhere on the X-T10. Fujifilm hears our
cries and now its gone. Thank you! Now its call Auto Macro. This eliminates
the need to manually switch to Macro mode. Thus allows you to re-assign the
Macro button to a different function.

X-T10 + XF90mm. 1/60, F2, EV-0.33. ISO 200
X-T10 + XF90mm. 1/60, F2, EV-0.33. ISO 200
X-T10 + XF90mm. F2, 1/220, EV-0.33, ISO 100
X-T10 + XF90mm. F2, 1/220, EV-0.33, ISO 100

9 . X-Trans CMOS II Sensor + EXR Processor II.
This is one of the reason why I left Canon. I simply love the X-Trans Sensor.
The details and color its produces. Outstanding is the word. The X-T10 features
the Fujifilm’s APS-C 16.3 megapixel X-Trans™ CMOS II sensor. Its unique,
random color filter array reduces moiré and false colors without having to use
an optical low pass filter. The elimination of the low pass filter, which compromises
image quality, means a greater amount of light reaches the sensor. Combined
with the EXR Processor II image processor, this means the sensor delivers
outstanding resolution and low noise.

X-T10 + XF90mm, F2, 1/180,  EV-0.67, ISO 200
X-T10 + XF90mm, F2, 1/180, EV-0.67, ISO 200

10. Film Simulation
Fujifilm’s unprecedented image quality has been created through 80 years of
development of photographic films. This technology helps the camera to
reproduce warm skin tones, bright blue skies and rich green trees, just
as photographers remember the scene.
The X-T10 features the latest CLASSIC CHROME film simulation mode,
which delivers muted tones and deep colors. Users can choose from ten
other modes that simulate the effects of traditional Fujifilm films. These
include color reversal film effects (VELVIA/PROVIA/ASTIA), professional
color negative film (PRO Neg.Std / PRO Neg.Hi), monochrome filters
(MONOCHROME, Ye filter, R filter and G filter) and SEPIA.
Advanced Filter functions are also available on the X-T10. Users can choose
from eight different artistic effects: Pop Color, Toy Camera, Miniature,
Dynamic Tone, Partial Color, High Key, Low Key and Soft Focus.

Finally I hope we don’t need to find 10 reasons in order to bring the X-T10 home. Actually on the contrary we have one issue. Which model to get; the silver or black.

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Fujifilm X-series.
Fujifilm X-series.


  1. wah pak, because this blogpost, make me reconsider to buy this awesome Fujifilm mirrorless, definitely the game changer and the new king in his class yah pak 😀

    kalau ada waktu senggang sila mampir ke
    thanks for your detail & awesome review pak 🙂

  2. Does flash act like x-e1 builtin flash? Can it be directed up to bounce flash from ceiling? I have x-e1 and this feature is extremely helpful. Is that possible also with new fujifilm baby?

  3. Maybe a stupid question… I would like buy x-pro1 (new) or is better to go with xt10? Xt1 is beter in which aspect?

    1. Hello there. I had a friend that just sold his XE-2 to buy a Xpro1 about 3 month ago. If you were to compare specs; the XE-2 will be a better camera.
      If compare with XT-10, I would say its even better specs. Especially the AF and EVF; they are world apart. Now why will you buy a X-Pro1? to me
      this camera have a soul. not the best camera ever but once you know how to master it. its a joy to use it. I just used my yesterday. Not forgetting
      its the sexiest camera in the world!

  4. Hello there! What do you think, is it (X-T10) good for commercials? Comparing btw X-T1 and X-T10, should I get 1 or 10?

    1. X-T10 is just a little lesser on feature. But the sensor is the same. For me its certainly good for commercials.
      unless you like the size of X-T10; my personal preferences goes to to the older brother. Plus its a WR camera.

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