Street Battle.

STREET BATTLE of the greats. For those old enough will remember the classic
arcade game; Street fighter. The game’s playable characters originate from around the
world, each with his or her own unique fighting style. But Today we have another
street battle. The battle of 2 great street photography’s camera!

Dear fuji X shooters.
I have a question : Is XT-1 + 23mm F1.4 lens a better street camera then uber cool X100T?
Which have a fixed 23mm F2. What if I add the WCL and TCL for X100T and the XF18mm
and XF35mm into the mix. In term of price, weight and size the XT1+ 18mm+ 23mm+ 35mm
is heavier, bigger and cost more ( 40% more) but is it better? My heart pushes me to X100T
and my head shouts at me; GO for XT-1!

My simple conclusion; X100T is created for street photography. But if you are looking for a faster
workflow, then XT-1 is it; like what I think a journalist would choose. Its a lot faster in nailing the shot.
Heaps faster in changing lenses too. Instead of trying to screw the WCL or TCL. Imagine trying to
unscrew the WCL and screw in TCL. To some this takes forever.

274 grams weight difference between the 2 cameras.
274 grams weight difference between the 2 cameras.

The XT-1 set-up is also heavier. To be exact 274 grams. To some this 274 grams may weights a ton.
Yet to others; its worth in gold. The extra 274 grams translate to a much faster workflow. Is it worth the weight trade-off?

Finally, if only I could put the best of this 2 camera into 1……….. could the next Xpro2 be it?
We could only patiently wait.


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