Photowalk : Re-discovering Sentosa.

What a beautiful saturday morning, its the gathering of many fellow X-men.
Its a Fujifilm photowalk organized by Fujifilm Singapore. Our start point was
at the beginning of the boardwalk at Vivo City that leads to Sentosa. We are
divided into 4 groups. Each group is lead by a Fujifilm X-photographer.
Basically Mindy Tan, Ron Lee, Benny Ang and myself.

Shot taken along the broad walk.
Having a good laugh with my oldest participant. Photo by Eric Lwin.

I also took this opportunity to robed in Eujin of Broncolor Singapore for some
lighting support. I wanted to showcase what the new X100F or any of the
X100 series could do other than street. Fifteen minutes into our walk; we
set-up a Siros L for our first set-up. The X100F was set to ISO 100 at F2.
Shutter speed was at 1/1000 because of the X100F leaf shutter. ND filter
was also switch on.

Our lovely model of the day, Nina. She is the wife of Fujifilm staff that was
kind enough to be my model since she was part of the group. Many of the
X100F owners in my group had a test drive on how awesome their leaf
shutter camera is, when paired with the Broncolor Siros L. Here are 2 shot
taken with a X100F. Other X-cameras owner also had a spin too.

X100F PRO Neg. STD. ISO 100, 1/1000 F2. Lite by Broncolor Siros L.
X100F. Velvia. ISO 100, 1/1000 F2. Lite by Broncolor Siros L.

At the end of the broad walk was the entrance of Sentosa with a Sentosa
signage. This is where we stop for another session. Fellow photographers
was task to shoot the sign with a filled-in. Here are a shot without and another
with a filled in by a Siros L. What a difference a light make!

Without filled-in. X-Pro2 + XF23mm F1.4. ISO 200, 1/200, F16.
Filled-in with Siros L. X-Pro2 + XF23mm F1.4. ISO 200, 1/250, F13.


Losing my cool. LOL. Shot by Jacki Chen.

Our next stop was at the famous Universal Studio entrance. Here we had
many opportunities for people photography. We also took a short break at
a cafe and shared with one another what we have taken so far. Just as we
left the cafe; I saw a cool dude and went up to him and ask if I could
photograph him.

Our group took a monorail ride to the last stop at the beach where we link
up with the other three groups. Here is had lunch and share with each other
our winning shot from this photowalk. Till we meet again; thank you everyone
that came for the photowalk. Hope you did pick up a tip or two. Cheers.

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Photo by Jere.



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