You have been shooting for awhile with your camera. Maybe
a year or two. Have you thought of building a portfolio? Not
enough photos? Or not enough great picture to string it all up?
Fret not. Its actually not that difficult. On the contrary, if you are
willing to step it up and take a challenge, it could be really fun.

Its doesn’t matter if you don’t own a DSLR or the popular
Mirrorless cameras. A compact camera or iPhone could produce
pretty decent pictures too. Its the person behind the camera that
plays the most important role in this journey.

We all know a portfolio is a series of photos. But how do we create
a portfolio that is stunning and different. All photos taken today will
most likely be forgotten the next day. Like an Apple Computer ads
once says “ Think different”. Stop shooting things that are “common”.
We don’t need another sunrise or sunset shot. Or another picture
of a cat on the street. OK, I did my fair share of shooting cats too!

Its easier say than done. I have to agree with you. Everyone is different
and therefore everyone has it own distinct style. If you were to put 10
photographers to shoot the same subject; you will get 10 different result.

So how do you find your style? You need to shoot more. A LOT MORE.
Once you have have shot enough; have a look at all you better shots.
Find a few of your favorite shot. The shots may not be an awesome shot
but if you find it nice or cool; this is the beginning.

Here is a picture of a friend that came over for dinner. I wanted to shoot
his facial expression over dinner. I did achieve many pictures but it was a
“missed” shot that took centre stage. The shot that had his face blocked
by his hand.


With this “missed” shot; its gives birth to a theme. That is where I crank
up a notch. Started shooting pictures of faces that is blocked or kind of
block as a theme. With a birth of a theme, you are now face with a new
project or some may call it a challenge. Its through this process that one’s
eye starts seeing differently and at the same time it also hone your
photographic skills to the next level.

I have no specific answer for this. Personally; for a start, I think 9 pictures
per genre is good. Imagine you have 4 theme, that will make a pretty good
portfolio to showcase. Do ensure the theme have a distinct flavor and character.
We don’t wanna the viewer to think everything is the same in your portfolio.
But at the same time each genre oozes with your distinct style.

Here are another 4 sets of genre that I wanna share. For the first set, some
of you may have seen it in the earlier blog. This series started when I was
at a carnival and I took a picture of the cheer leading team. I love it so much
that I contact the team and propose a concept and started to shoot a series
like my first shot. If you have a good concept; you will be surprise many
people would love to work with you.

Xpro1 + XF14mm

This second portfolio is a series of portrait that is not very traditional.
Sometime funny and funky. When string together you could see a distinct style.

This series started with a portrait and through the years I have shot more
than a hundred. Basically a portrait of people from all walks of life. From a
kid to a CEO. A fish monger to a celebrity. More pics via this website link :


Lastly, this series I name it ONE. The theme says its all. Anything that shows
that one thing. I hope this short article is able to fire you up to start building
your very own portfolio. Do remember to share when your is completed.

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  1. Really enjoyed your portrait and cheerleaders series. I just got the xpro2 and need to start going out to shoot more. Thanks for the inspiration!

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