Chasing with X-Pro2.


Auto Focus speed and focus accuracy is something many Fujifilm
fanboy have to live with; when using the sexy X-Series system. Last
year when X-T1 had a firmware update; the AF have indeed improved
significantly. I dare say it has reach the border of DLSR territory.

Today I have another update to share. Last weekend my wife and I
brought my daughter to Disney on Ice at the Singapore indoor stadium.
Oh man! I have never seen so many little Elsa in my life! I packed X-Pro2
with 2 lenses. XF16mm F1.4 and XF90mm F2 WR. I thought this will be
a great opportunity to test the AF of X-Pro2 in an indoor setting.


Many have asked how is the balance of X-Pro2 mounted with XF90mm.
After today; I can say its perfect! Both weighting almost the same and a
total weight of less then 1KG. My settings is set to Continuous AF with 9 point
Zone AF mode. Holding this set-up is a breeze; comfortable and delight to
shoot with. The plus point is the new mini joy-stick to help change the
position of Zone AF swiftly.

X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1600, F2, 1/3200, EV -2.67
X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1250, F2, 1/2900, EV -2.67
X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1250, F2, 1/5000, EV -0.67

Panning and “chasing” the disney character is a walk in the park with X-Pro2’s
AF. I dare say the hit rate is anything from 70%-85%! Here are some pictures;
all taken in Jpeg and simple adjustment in Capture One. Don’t you just love the
IQ coming out of this set-up? All zoom picture are at 100%.

X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1250, F2, 1/1700, EV -1.67
X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1250, F2, 1/150, EV -1.67
X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1250, F2, 1/2000, EV -2.33

Finally I hope this set of photos will give all X-Pro2 owners more confident with
your amazing camera. And for those sitting on the fence; its time to come over
to the greener pasture. Its all real!

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X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1600, F2, 1/1000, EV -2.33
X-Pro2 + XF90mm ISO 1600, F2, 1/1700, EV -2.33


  1. Hi, really great pictures!
    I’m going to buy 56 or 90 to add to 18 and 35f2 with my shining x-pro2.
    I’m worried about slower focus speed of the former and lack of OIS of the latter, any advice?

    1. Thanks. 90mm and 35F2 will work very well with Xpro2 as they are “newer” lenses.
      As for the lack of OIS; I guess getting the fundamental right is also important.
      How we hold and grip our camera with the lens. In regards to AF speed, Every
      lens will have it sweet spot. We just to find it and push it to its limit.

  2. Hello, great topic! I would like to know some other settings:
    -drive mode, 3 or 8 fps?
    -did you set release/focus priority to “focus”?
    -is Pre-AF “on”?


  3. I’ll check out those settings. I originally had some issues with my tracking of moving subjects. But the correct settings are critical and I’m still tweaking.
    Thank you!

  4. Ivan – you may have tipped me over the edge! I mainly shoot theatre, with D810 and D600. My other work is documenting the Pilgrim trails of Europe in Spain & France with the X100s. Love the Fuji “thing” and want to use it in theatre, but not confident about getting the same “snap” focus and ISO rendition with lock on spot metering of the Nikons. Your post and the Exif data have answered my questions in the affirmative! Thanks.

    1. Hello there. I am glad. The shooting workflow may need some getting use too. Once you find your sweet spot; you gonna enjoy a small and sexier system! 🙂

  5. Any chance you could post a couple of these images from raw files without noise reduction…or at least significantly less NR? (Just my personal preference but that default setting seems to be giving skin a rather “waxy” look.) Thanks!

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